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some science fiction books I recommend :)

So, in my book haul post, I mentioned that I've been busy. Very busy that I barely read. Worse thing is that I don't get motivated to read at all. I don't feel like reading a thing. July was a really bad reading month for me. 

that moment when I finally realized.
It took me quite a while to realize that I was actually in a reading slump. In July, I finished six (6) books. It's a decent amount, I think, although not of which felt really great for me. All of which were ebooks which I am not very proud of. For some reasons, I think ebooks are really quick reads and I usually don't get into so much of them.

My slump is mostly towards the end of the moment - particularly on the last two weeks of the month. I was busy with several school works. I go through the routine of working on homeworks and studying to sleeping almost every night when I got back from university. It's really crazy.

what I'm doing for that.
I've seen other bloggers get into reading slumps. Most of which ask for recommendations - great reads to get out of the slump. I think it works. It really works for them. But really, when I'm not motivated to read anything, I don't think it's something that I should do. I honestly don't want to promise anyone that I'll read something they recommend when I'm not sure myself that I can even grab a copy of  the book they recommend.

What I decided to do is pick a book from a genre I'm really familiar with - a genre which I'm really fond of reading. I chose between YA contemporary and YA sci-fi. I ended up going with a YA sci-fi book, The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. While I'm still not completely back from my slump, I think that the book is really working for me. It's not a completely great book for me but it's really motivating me to read. I'm still quite busy especially this past week but unlike before, I pick up this book every now and then to literally escape from what I'm doing.

How about you guys, how do you deal with reading slumps? Has it every happened to you? What book/s did you pick up to get out of your slump?

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