ENIGMA – Chapter 49: Prison

                After the shocking revelation last chapter, I haven’t really settled myself in believing that Akame Tsutomu is the cannibal. But after this chapter, I guess I have no choice but to accept it and see what happens next.

               Sumio, the president, and Akame Tsutomu (the cannibal) has arrived at the third stop, the Yuuyami Prison. With 3 hours of stop time, the task given is to retrieve the only two tickets from the two prison guards. The trick is that these prison guards don’t know anything about the ticket. Now after getting off the train, the prisoners made noises wondering who and where did they come from. From all the noise the prisoners made, the first prison guard, Mitarai Kiyoshi with a prisoner on a hand checked what was going on and found Sumio and the rest. After putting the prisoner to his jail, Akame immediately attacked Mitarai and grabbed the ticket.

                With Akame’s assurance of going on board the train, the president was set in rage and attack Akame but due to the injury he received earlier, Akame easily took him out and pushed him inside an empty jail and locked him there. Akame swallowed the key to make sure that Sumio cannot save the president. After getting rid of the president, Akame made a bargain with the prisoners. He bribed them of the bag of money he’s holding and the opportunity to get the hell out of the prison. The only thing they have to do is to take the ticket from Sumio, whom for the mean time hasn’t acquired the ticket himself.

                After Akame release a number of prisoners hungry for freedom, the president ordered Sumio to leave him behind and run for his life. Sumio promised the president to acquire the ticket and save him as well. As Sumio runs, he thought of ways of how to deal with the situation. He pulled out his phone thinking that he can contact both Kirio and Kijima through his ability. But after knowing that he can’t contact both, he noticed that he has contact to prison guard Mitarai and just heard his thought. Through this, he gained knowledge of where chief jailer Kuroiwa could possibly be.

                He searched for the office the chief jailer could be and unfortunately found a room full of monitors. Once he heard someone approaching, he immediately hid himself and peek at whoever entered the room. Luckily (or is it?) it was the chief jailer, Kuroiwa.

                The beginning of the prison-arc definitely caught my attention. Getting over of the fact that Akame is the cannibal, the beginning of the chapter is already interesting as it is. With the president getting locked in, with who knows what could happen to him and if he could ever get out. Also, with the 5 prisoners on the loose, all of them desperately looking for Sumio thinking he has the ticket, the suspense of the chapter rose. Also, I’ve been thinking since when did Akame had the bag of money. Was he carrying it from the beginning of the game? Also, where did he get the gun? Was he carrying it all along? Anyway, forgetting those questions in mind, I’m pretty sure that Akame and Sumio will be the final two to get onto the train and move to the next station. If this is so, what’s going to happen to the president? They can’t just leave him there, can they? Or is something twisted going to happen again? Was it the station I assume Shigeru is it? Plus, why can’t Sumio contact Kirio? Was Kirio the guy seating on the electric-chair-looking thing?

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