[WEEKLY MUSING] Book Buying Bans and I will NEVER be friends


Last week, it was raining so hard. Three school days were suspended due to heavy rains. It was really crazy. It brings me back to crazy experiences with strong rains and high floods years ago. As much as I'd like to enjoy this mini(and untimely)-vacation, I'm honestly disappointed because that means I won't have allowance which means that's three days less of savings. Ugh!

book buying ban promises are meant to be broken.
ANYWAY, when May started, I told myself that I won't buy any books. At all. But then, I always end up dropping by the bookstore near my school. For some reasons, bookstores are so attractive and it doesn't bother me even though I go there every single day (or maybe every other day because that's just overdoing it, or not?). The point is, I drop by several times. I even ended up almost memorizing the books they have. 

BUT one unfortunate day, my family and I went to the mall with this bookstore "with all the good stuff." And yeah, you know what happens next....

late June Book Haul 
change of plans then.
...so when I bought those books and ended up buying a couple more books in the next month (June), I decided to just change the plan. I told myself that I won't buy anything not in my plan (despite how much I want that book, I promise, I won't buy them. promise. promise. promise. I'm sure that if I say this over and over and over I'll be able to stop myself from buying unplanned books). 

This month, July, I plan to buy The Good Girls by Sara Shepard. That's it. No more books. Except for those I only bought. I blame my unplanned buying habits for those. In case you missed them on my instagram post, I bought Made You Up by Francesca Zappia and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

Since I'm still buying books, I decided that in order to save money for the upcoming Manila International Book Fair on September I'll place all my #MIBF2015 money on a separate place, label it (like it's some goal that needs achieving.. well it is a goal. a really important one), then never look at/check/count it. Not the best plan, but I somehow I think it's working.

How about you guys, do you do book buying bans? Does it ever work? What do you do in order to stop yourself from buying too much books?

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