[WEEKEND READS] Salt to the Sea + Fury

Ruta Sepetys!!

With finals && thesis around the corner, I've become busier than before. At the same time, I continue to read on my spare time hence my lack of activity. I've finished a few books since I posted my last weekend reads post (which was a month ago).

Anyway, I'll continue to be busy in the next couple of weeks (yes, including the upcoming Holy Week - for Catholics - since I have plans to do by then) but I'll continue to read and I'll be posting my personal book challenge update soon! So excited for vacation (2nd week of April!!).

ICYM: I'm giving a way a SIGNED COPY OF RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard.

UnDivided (Unwind #4) | Neal Shusterman
I LOVE the ending of the Unwind Dystology! It gave proper for everyone especially for Connor && his family - totally made me tear up. Lots of crazy things happened to this book that I somehow did not see coming. I mean sure, I expected the outcome but I didn't know how they will be done. Shusterman has really done it well! Now I'm looking forward to his next book - Scythe. Review to come!
The Selection (the Selection #1) | Kiera Cass
I read The Selection because of its overwhelming popularity. I've NEVER read the blurb but I have a vague idea of the story - the search for Prince Maxon's fiance and next queen. I had low expectations for this because I was expecting it to be a romance-y series that gets really annoying. I was stand corrected though. I ended up really enjoying this and I'll be getting the next book soon! Review is scheduled for next week! :)

Salt to the Sea | Ruta Sepetys
I LOVE Ruta Sepetys. So when she announced a new novel. I got so excited. When I found out that it'll be another WWII novel. I got even more excited! Then when I read that it'll cover another event that's not commonly told. I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I'm a few pages in and I'm liking it although I'm having issues on not remember characters because of the four POVs and how extremely short each chapters are. But I guess it takes getting used to.
Fury (the Cure #1) | Charlotte McConaghy
I really like the premise of Fury. It's about the removal of the emotion 'anger' in order to prevent chaos. It's like taking away a huge part of a person's life. The concept had me interested. I'm half way through and I think that it's more of an 'okay' read for me. It's good. It's interesting. I'm honestly interested at what will happen next - how things will go for Josi. Hopefully things will get better.

Melancholy (the Cure #2) | Charlotte McConaghy
I got the entire series for review. SO yeah... Fury is generally an 'okay' read for me for now but crossing my fingers that it gets better. I haven't read the blurb of Melancholy and I'd like to stay that way.
The Elite (the Selection #2) | Kiera Cass
I borrowed The Selection a week back from the library and now I'm ready to pick up the next book. I LOVE Prince Maxon (although he feels a bit generic for me... but I'm definitely Maxon over Aspen).

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How about you guys, what books have you recently finished? What are you reading right now? How is it, are you enjoying it? What do you plan to read next?

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