Sakamichi no Apollon - 08

On a quick look on this episode, I'd say that it didn't topped last week's awesomeness but I guess this episode really did just gave a lot of interesting things to lookout for in the following episodes(:

First things first, the number one thing that I'm looking forward to this episode is Jun-nii. What happened to him? I won't explain anything about what's up with him (since I'm not into episodic analyzation) but one thing's for sure, I was glad that it was explained clearly. How he turned out to be someone who looks like he's out of his mind? He was probably moved or bothered by the situation his friend was in. Jun-nii definitely went through and is going through tough times and this episode just made a lot more mess in his life. AND Yurika… There're probably two things I learned about them in this episode: (1) Jun-nii is weak and (2) Yurika is pretty strong willed :D

Anyway, they showed a flashback of Jun-nii and Yurika kissing in the basement. Was that shown in an episode and I just totally missed it? O.O oh well. BUT now it's pretty clear that Jun-nii definitely knows that Sentarou likes Yurika - obviously from last week's episode. I feel really sorry for Sentarou for seeing Yurika in Jun-nii'sapartment. Now I'm really wondering what's going to happen in Jun-nii and Sentarou's relationship. It looks really bad.

Another thing this episode caught me is what's going on between Kaoru, Sentarou and Ritsuko. It's really cute to see Kaoru and Sentarou finally gaining popularity because of their great show in the school festival last episode. What's interesting in this episode is that Ritsuko has finally noticed her feelings for Kaoru. It's true that she has never mentioned anything about the guy she likes. I'm heck confused if it's Kaoru or Sentarou but this episode just gives me the idea that it really is Kaoru BUT as the flashback has shown, Ritsuko did promised Sentarou that she'll marry him. AND yes that was a child's promise and that doesn't entirely count now or does it?

This episode is pretty exciting in the sense that Ritsuko has finally noticed her feelings for Kaoru AND started knitting for him BUT when Kaoru saw her knitting he instantly thought that it was for Sentarou. Of course I don't blame him because he wasn't entirely wrong in his accusations earlier in the series. BUT know that he made it crystal clear for Sentarou, is Sentarou finally going to focus his feelings for Ritsuko or is he going to sulk over Jun-nii and Yurika? I really can't wait for the next episode already!!

For more screenshots, click here.
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