czai's Summer 2014 Anime List!

It’s been so long since I wrote my Anime Season Watch List and I kind of missed it.

Summer was never really my favorite anime season and this year is no different. The first thing I noticed when I saw the complete list (well at least I think it’s complete) is how sports was left out this season @_@ (okay maybe FREE S2 is sports… but I want something like Ace of Diamond-ish or Haikyuu!!-ish or even something like Kuroko no Basuke).

Since I haven’t been watching too much anime lately, there isn’t really anything I was eagerly looking forward to this season. But still, after going through a huge list of upcoming anime, I’ve seen a few shows I’d like to watch. Aldnoah.Zero, Ao Haru Ride and Zankyou no Terror are shows I really don’t want to miss. I’ve been missing out on romance anime lately and it seems like Ao Haru Ride can fill that hole up in me. Aldnoah.Zero is simply a must to watch because of UroGen. Zankyou no Terror sounds like an interesting post-apocalyptic show (hopefully it won’t disappoint me).

Aside from those two, there aren’t really any shows that pique my interest. Some shows I pick are mainly to satisfy my fangirling and some are for just plain watching more stuff. There are couple more interesting stuff there such as Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill but I’m not exactly that excited for those.

Similar to my previous watch lists, I decided to split my watch list into 3 since I am trying to lessen the series I'll watch weekly. I most watch on the weekends lately because I’m so busy. 

- will [try to] watch weekly -

Sword Art Online II (A-1 Pictures)
Why I’ll Watch:
(1) I kind of have this habit of watching S2s of anime I’ve seen, (2) Guns sound better than swords (LOL), (3) we have a new heroine (yup, I’m not exactly a huge fan of Asuna), I don’t remember her in ALO (her profile in MAL says she’s in ALO) but I don’t really care, (4) I like watching anime with great visuals which I’m pretty sure this’ll have.
Aldoah.Zero (A-1 Pictures)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) Urobuchi is the creator!! (do I need more reasons?), (2) well it has a pretty nice visual key, that’s for sure (hooray for A-1!)
Zankyou no Terror (MAPPA)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it’s post apocalyptic, (2) it’s MAPPA && it has the same director and music director as Sakamichi no ApollonWatanabe Shinichiro && Kanno Yoko respectively (3) it’s a noitaminA show

Glasslip (P.A. Works)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) “Her dream is to become a glass artisan.” (just kidding!), (2) it’s an Ohsaka Ryota show, (3) typical slice of life series with some inspirational stuff (I think), (4) it’s produced by the beautiful P.A. Works (beautiful sceneries!!)
Love Stage!! (J.C. Staff)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) I honestly just want to try another Shounen Ai anime, (2) I’m trying to wake my inner fujoshi (fufufufu~), (3) the MC looks like a freaking girl!, (4) he’s a mangaka college student (not gonna let that part slide), (5) the PV still looks fun
Ao Haru Ride (Production I.G)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it’s a romance anime!, (2) the PV gives off a really nice atmosphere… a Kimi ni Todoke-like atmosphere but I do know that the story is ENTIRELY different, (3) that’s one beautiful art, really (gonna hand it to Prod I.G, they never disappoint)…

- will marathon at the end of the season [or whenever I have time] -

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal (Toei Animation)
Why I’ll Watch:
(1) it screams nostalgia!!! (I don’t really know what to expect from Sailor Moon but I just really want to watch it)
Tokyo Ghoul (Studio Pierrot)
Why I’ll Watch:
(1) it’s a thriller, (2) the PV shows a great deal of gruesome action, (3) it’s psychological (damnit!)
Akame ga Kill! (WHITE FOX)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) the synopsis is quite interesting, (2) action + WHITE FOX, (3) assassins!
Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu?
Yami Shibai Second Season (ILCA)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) S1 was freaking amazing (okay maybe most of the stories but not all), (2) one of the best anime shorts ever!
Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen (Xebec)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) another Ohsaka Ryota show, (2) sounds like Gundam SEED and Valvrave with all the no-choice but has to save someone kind of premise, (3) war x mecha

Barakamon (Kinema Citrus)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it sounds like a light anime that I enjoy watching every now and then, (2) I like slice of life anime (but not really the type that have cute girls doing cute things), (3) sounds like a fun anime to watch
Hanamonogatari (SHAFT)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it’s a monogatari series, (2) it’s a sequel (see above note @ SAO II), (3) it’s SHAFT (damnit SHAFT. Why do you have to be so amazing?), (4) not a fan of Kanbaru but seeing that Koyomi will be back in here is surely a great plus (gotta go finish Monogatari Second Season noooow)
Tokyo ESP (Xebec)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) I’ve read a few chapters of manga and enjoyed it, (2)  flying penguin (this might be the next sensation, my friends, lol), (3) it’s your typical shounen – the action, the comedy, etc. – those kinds of things are always an okay anime for me
Yama no Susume S2 (8-Bit)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) Yama no Susume always just looks so fluffy, and refreshing, and fun, and light!, (2) it’s a nice show to watch when I want something quick and nice for the heart, (3) I like its Tamayura-like atmosphere :3

- will still think about watching -

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Doga Kobo)
Why I’ll Still Think About it:
At first I was so sure I’ll watch this until I saw the cast and it has a good amount of guys && the main guy looks like some pokerfaced MAN but he’s a freaking high school student. If it’s a good rom-com, I’ll watch it~ He’s voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi anyway…
Shounen Hollywood (ZEXCS)
Why I’ll Still Think About it: (1) I was completely gonna skip this cheap titled anime but Ohsaka Ryota is one of the VAs so I just don’t want to skip it, (2) Kakihara in an idol group anime? definitely nice a idea(: [that’s one cheap looking PV… if they start shaking their hips in a really funny, weird, and creepy way I’m completely not watching it anymore! Someone has to write a first impression post in this one…]
Re:_Hamatora (Lerche)
Why I’ll Still Think About it: (1) see thoughts on watching S2s @ SAO II, (2) the ending of S1 was a bit intriguing although S1 was damn disappointing, (3) if this gets too serious I’m dropping it – because that’s one of the things I HATE about Hamatora, (4) if the story gets annoying and something like shit I'm dropping it -  because that's another thing I HATE about Hamatora

Hanayamata (Madhouse)
Why I’ll Still Think About it: (1) when I saw the key visual and synopsis, I was like nah I won’t watch this shit but then I saw the production company…, (2) Madhouse is working on this, (3) but it looks like cute girls doing cute things @_@ what do I do with this thing!?
DRAMAtical Murder (NAZ)
Why I’ll Still Think About it: (1) it’s based on a game -__-, (2) a BL game (I think), (3) it has an intriguing synopsis
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