[Stacking the Shelves] going back to school~

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This coming week, I go back to school (don’t know if I’m excited or not or what!) which means lesser time reading and lesser time on everything hobby related (okay, so now I think I shouldn’t be excited at all). I'll plan to things out eventually... 

Anyway, in order to discipline myself in reading every day, I decided to join Aimee’s #Project100Hours over @ Deadly Darlings :D I’ll start this Monday (although school officially starts on Tuesday for me). I’ll post my progress on both twitter && instagram :D

Project 100 Hours

NOW for my current book haul~ I got these books for review. Two of which are for blog tours(: 

I’m currently reading Carnelian and there are a few things that I don’t really like here but I want to finish it just to find its redeeming qualities. I’m kind of this type of reader who’d find a book’s good side :3

What I’m excited to read is right now is Life Interrupted because it sounds like it’ll involve social issue stuff which I haven’t read so much about especially a story of having a baby in high school.

The Artful is more of a I’m-just-trying-out-Net-Galley kind of pick. I decided on a book that I’ll most likely get approved on since I barely started book blogging and my posts are still a bit inconsist. Anyway, it’s a dystopian novel so I hope that I’ll enjoy it either way(:

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- last week on the Blacksheep Project -

- this week on the Blacksheep Project -

Monday – [REVIEW] Are You Alice?, vol2
Tuesday – TopTenTuesday: Books I’ve Read So Far This Year
Wednesday – WaitingonWednesday
Thursday – [REVIEW] Artful (well hopefully)
Friday – FlashbackFriday
Saturday – [Anime REVIEW] Little Busters: ~Refrain~

[those headers sound like previously && next week on TV shows, hahaha]

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I want to go on a book buying ban this month but Don’t You Forget About Me && License to Spill are coming out so I’m a bit torn… but either way, I’ll probably just keep my buying on a minimum. And besides I want to save money since I want to attend this month’s TOYCON2014 on June 20-22 (not that I’m buying toys anyway~ I just want to buy some fancy stuff && some manga!).  
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