[Top Ten Tuesday] Classics I Want To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.

This Week’s Topic: Classics I Want to Read. So far I’ve only read 3 classics – NEMESIS, The Giver, and Wuthering Heights. I have the Iliad and Jane Eyre up my ‘currently-reading’ shelf but in reality I stalled them because I’m getting bored.

Yup, that’s just how classics end up in my hands. Classics easily bore the hell out of me BUT there really is just this part of me that wants to read them. I’m really doing my best to motivate myself and read classics. I’m honestly reading Jane Eyre bit by bit. Hopefully I can finish it before the year ends though, hahaha~~

1984. dystopian classic. I’ve read the blurb on this and I just grew interested. I’m most likely grabbing a copy soon (as in soon after I’m done with my book-buying-ban).
Bleak House. or Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities. I just want something by Charles Dickens! I’ve read some abridged stories by Dickens and I’m really eager to read the full version but there’s this part of me that’s bit scared that I’ll just end up being bored.
Pride and Prejudice. or Sense and Sensibility or Emma. I also just want something by Jane Austen! Austen is such a well ringed name when we talk about classics.
Villette. I generally just want to try another Charlotte Brontë book (I currently have Jane Eyre stalled by the way~)
The Catcher in the Rye. Found out about this when I was reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Really. I checked it out in goodreads and thought that maybe I should go read it as well.

To Kill A Mockingbird. I heard this is a great classic. I have a copy of this (because my sister read it for school) and I’m still waiting for the right time (or mood) to read this one~
The Tempest. or anything (okay maybe not anything) by Shakespeare. I know Shakespeare is a difficult read but really, I just want to try reading some of his works.
Sherlock Holmes. Crime fiction, yeah? Sherlock Holmes is such a big name in crime fiction. And while I am enjoying Cormoran Strike so much, I thought that maybe Sherlock Holmes is a must read for crime fiction fans…
The Scarlet Letter. My world literature professor (or was it another professor?) just went out blabbering about this book and she got me interested…
The Great Gatsby. Another classic that’s quite popular (because of the movie perhaps).

*             *             *

How about you guys, what classics do you want to read? :D
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