JUNE ROUND-UP: that crazy adjusting to school month.

This is technically NOT my first month of blogging that came along with school but it’s my first BOOK BLOGGING month that has school works along side.

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years and somehow I’ve managed because I just watched anime, write my thoughts, blah-blah-blah… but this time around I find it more difficult to balance everything out with school going on, plus my REALLY SLOW READING, and writing mood swings. My anime watching has been cut down to almost none other than Ace of Diamond and HUNTER x HUNTER (and I literally didn’t watch a single anime this past week).

This is my first monthly round-up post sooooo I’m still trying to think of my post layout but either way, I’ll most likely to stick to this layout (maybe I’ll just add or subtract a part or two in the future).

- Book Reviews -

- Fave Meme Posts -
Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Read So Far This Year
Waiting on Wednesday: License to Spill | The Young Elites
Flashback Friday: Unwind (my only flashback post this month… school + writing mood swings = almost no posts at all x__x)
Stacking the Shelves: THE SILKWORM IS OUT AND YOU SHOULD READ IT!!! [the Ocean at the End of the Lane + Ignite Me + Downsiders + Proxy + Being Friends with Boys + THE SILKWORM]

- Book Tours, Blitz, Cover Reveals -

*             *             *

It was a crazy month. School’s back. I have poor time management. I cut down my anime watching to weekends (to none at all). I have really bad mood swings which affect my writing. I’m a really slow reader. I generally just procrastinate a lot.

This coming month, I’m going to do my best to organize myself and do things at the right time. Time management + discipline, yeah? As Oreki Houtarou said:

If I don’t have to do it, I won’t do it. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.

I’m going to push myself to stop procrastinating and do every single thing immediately – home works, studying, post writing, and house chores. Aside from this crazy time management plan I’m going to greatly work on, I’m sticking to my at least 1hour a day of reading despite everything I am doing AND I’m going to try and do a 1ep a day so I can move on with my anime watch list (I’m really crossing my fingers that this will be effective).

This July, Summer 2014 Anime will officially kick off. If you still haven’t seen my watch list post, you can check it out here: SUMMER 2014 ANIME WATCH LIST. I’ll try to write a first impression post on every show I’ll be watching. Ao Haru Ride and Glasslip will surely be posted @ SekijitsuALDNOAH.ZERO and LOVE STAGE!! might also be posted there. The rest of the shows will be posted here in the Blacksheep Project unless no one in Sekijitsu will be posting them there. To remain updated on EVERYTHING, you can follow me on twitter and facebook. I ALWAYS share links of my anime posts either here or in Sekijitsu.

*             *             *

- This Month -
this will give me direction.

- Books on my TBR List -
may increase/decrease as the month goes.

- Anime Marathon -
may increase/decrease as the month goes.

- Book Tours, Blitz, Cover Reveals -
may increase as the month goes.

*             *             *

I guess that it! July is going to be another crazy month where I’ll be doing my best to balance things out. It’s going to be difficult especially with Midterms coming around the end of July soooo I’ll have projects to work on blah-blah-blah… ugh.
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