Series: JUDGE #4 | Prequel: #1, #2, #3
Yoshiki Tonogai
manga, mystery, thriller, horror
June 24, 2014 (first published November 22, 2011)
Publisher: Yen Press
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Do the clues discovered in a new room herald nothing more than a new despair? Soon, the brutal sentencing of the third judgment is visited upon the participants. Who here is the victim, and who the perpetrator? Until all is revealed, time is on no one’s side…

*             *             *
“She’s a goddess from Greek mythology, the goddess of justice and order, Themis. In her left hand, she holds scales to measure right and wrong. In her right hand, a sword to protect society from evil. And over her eyes a blindfold for impartiality under the law regardless of one’s wealth or status. It symbolizes the idea that all people are to be treated equally.”
*             *             *

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This review is free from spoilers. This is safe to read even if you haven’t read the previous volumes :) BUT TAKE NOTE OF THE BLURB BECAUSE IT SOMETIMES MENTION SPOILERS FROM PREVIOUS VOLUMES.

The thrilling turn of events in volume3 was nicely followed by this volume.

Volume 4 is mostly on the psychological side of things. I’m fine with the highs and lows of the manga. With a good amount of twists to laying low and showing the state of the characters together with a back story here and there. We get to see their story (and that’s a given, in my opinion).

This volume showed a nice revelation of something that will definitely matter on the next installment. This means more thinking. More over thinking. More pondering over things. Needing to grab the next volume! Screaming WHO THE HECK IS BEHIND THIS SHIT!?

I didn’t sit around to ponder over things here. I just let things flow and read through. It’s very thrilling. I was turning page after page. I didn’t want to put it down even for a second. And here’s the best part…  This volume ends with that interesting scene. How others would perceive it is beyond me but it really does makes me want to grab the next volume already. It makes me impatient!

*             *             *

What I Like: (1) finally reading a couple more of back stories, (2) that revelation which made me imagine a couple of possible routes for the story, (3) that cliffhanger which really makes me look forward for the next volume

What I Didn’t Like: (1) the back stories doesn’t really offer completely new things about the characters, (2) that cliffhanger which really makes me look forward for the next volume (yes, it’s both good and bad because it was soooo good it left me hanging!)

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