czai's Winter 2015 Anime List!


I’d like to start my 2015 fresh. 2014 was low on anime for me and big on books. This time around I’d like to balance both of them. Give them equal space on the blog. And just have fun exploring more of both.

I haven’t watched a single anime since the first week of October 2014. I have my personal 2015 Anime Backlog Challenge wherein I’ll watch series aired and completed during the previous years. With that in mind, I’d also like to pick up a few shows throughout 2015. While this season’s lineup isn’t really that interesting, I think that there are still some stuff worth checking out.

I’m so excited to watch the most awaited sequel of DURARARA!! I really have so much love for Narita Ryohgo’s works and seeing the whole of DURARARA!! is like a dream come true. In a glance, the line up doesn’t seem to really sparkle but taking a closer look, I’m definitely keeping my eyes out for Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata just because it sounds like the type of slice of life series I love watching. THE ROLLING GIRLS’s synopsis also makes me curious of it. It sounds pretty interesting in my opinion. And maybe Death Parade’s going to be one of my highlights for the season. It’s horror, thriller, psychological and hopefully a nice series to keep me thinking all night when I marathon it after the season.

Aside from the series I’m hoping to see, Junketsu no Maria’s and Binan Koukou Chikyuboueibu LOVE!’s synopses pretty much piqued my interest because of their uniqueness. They’re so unusual and in some ways ludicrous that I just want to see what’s up with them. I’m also glad to see that the third season of DOG DAYS is finally airing (after seeing the news for S3 years back). AND the third season of Kuroko no Basuke is certainly one that I don’t want to miss. It’s this part of the manga that I never read. With the manga’s pacing, I was so sure that it won’t just end but seriously? It ended. Guess the anime will be my way to see how it was concluded.

- will [try to] watch weekly -

Junketsu no Maria (Production I.G)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it’s a Production I.G show. For some reasons, I feel like watching anything Prod I.G does, (2) historical-fiction with a mix of angels and whatnot (what the freak is really going on here?), (3) Code Geass director, Taniguchi Garo is working on this pretty interesting series, (4) “When Maria loses her virginity, she will also lose her magical powers.” What do you mean by that? Exactly what it says, yeah? Anime just throws the weirdest antics and still not sound too awkward. I’m definitely going to see how this plot goes.
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (A-1 Pictures)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it’s about an otaku, (2) about visual novel, (3) it’s a romance comedy by A-1 Pictures, (4) director of Usagi Drop, Kamei Kanta, is taking this project. I’m kind of predicting that this is going to be a nice slice of life rom-com-drama series (crossing my fingers I won’t be disappointed)
(Wit Studio)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) it’s a post apocalyptic series that has a slice of life vibe. It’s kind of my type of watch, (2) I think Wit Studio is a new anime production company that has a lot of potential and what better way to see what they’re up to than to watch the shows they produce? They produced anime that I think were received well by the anime community: Hal && Hozuki no Reitetsu.

- will marathon at the end of the season [or whenever I have time] -

Kami-sama Hajimemashita (TMS Entertainment)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) generic fantasy, romance anime, (2) I’ve seen the first season and it wasn’t so bad so why not watch this sequel, yeah?
Binan Koukou Chikyuboueibu LOVE! (diomedea)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) the synopsis sounds so ridiculous it makes me want to watch it, (2) comedy + slice of life + magical boys (oops, boys dressed as and possess abilities that of magical girls) = sounds like a crazy fun watch for me, (3) the director, Takamatsu Shinji, also tells me that the comedy side of the show will be worth it
Death Parade (Madhouse)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) because it’s Madhouse?, (2) I’m very much attracted to psychological-horror series and with my long break from anime I think that watching his one will be totally worth it (well, I hope so), (3) the synopsis sounds pretty interesting. While I’ve never watched Death Billiards (which I just found out is its origin), this series just pulls me in with its story and how this will have some “philosophical” side… (I want to see how that will go)

Koufuku Graffiti (SHAFT)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) because it’s SHAFT? and they’re doing a slice of life series? I don’t think SHAFT’s a very slice of life company so it also makes me a bit curious how this’ll look, (2) stuff like these are those shows that I watch just for the fun of it. Hit-or-miss. Stress reliever.
Why I’ll Watch: (1) why won’t I watch it anyway?, (2) I remember DRRR!! being animated by BrainsBase (did I remember it correctly?) and I absolutely love their style with the new production company (one that I’ve never heard before), I’m pretty curious at how this will look like and hopefully it won’t ruin the story for me since I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I marathon the first season a couple of years back
(Seven Arcs)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) since I’ve seen the first two seasons, I thought why not watch this third season as well? It’s not that it’s a bad show anyway although it’s a show that isn’t really a time-worthy watch
Kuroko no Basuke S3
(Production I.G)
Why I’ll Watch: (1) because it’s finally ENDING! I’ve never read these parts of the story in the manga. I’m not expecting anything but hopefully this series will end decently, (2) so that I can start fangirling again? (this and Ace of Diamond for me!!)

- will still think about watching -

Absolute Duo (8bit)
Why I’m still thinking about it: at first I was like: this looks interesting and pretty. I’m gonna go watch it. But then, realizations came to me as I check out season previous. Magic-fantasy-action harem and that doesn’t sound like a worthy watch.
Kantai Collection -KanColle- (diomedia)
Why I’m still thinking about it: it sounds like another pointless anime but there are times that I just want to watch pointless stuff like this. What’s keeping me away from this is that watching this might be too pointless since it’s an online browser card battle game.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Why I’m still thinking about it: I’ve never read the manga and for some reasons I’m not really interested. Somehow, I’ve also given up on mainstream shonen series and this definitely had that vibes which makes me a bit hesitant on watching this.

-sequel to shows I’ve yet to watch -
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