[TOP TEN TUESDAY] Book Buying Habits

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.

This Week's Topic: FREEBIE!

Dropping by the bookstore is like a hobby to me. Sometimes I just like being there, staring at the books I plan to get or eyeing on books I'll check out when I get home. But the best thing I like about going to the bookstore is buying books (like DUH!).

I sometimes tell myself that I'm picky about the books I buy but sometimes I doubt that that's true. Sometimes I just buy books on a whim. Sometimes reviews make me want books. Sometimes popularity makes me buy books. ANYWAY, I found myself thinking about what books do I really buy THEN my mind went to how do I choose the books I buy THEN to my book buying quirks.

SO here're ten things I do when I go to the bookstore! LOL.

[1] I instantly go to the YA section of the bookstore THEN scifi-mystery-thriller THEN classics THEN general fiction. That order. ALWAYS! Unless I'm looking for a particular book.
[2] I checkout EVERY SINGLE BOOK on the store before decided on what to buy. Again, this happens unless I already have something in mind. But sometimes I just checkout stuff anyway in case I there're new books.
[3] I don't always read book blurbs when I'm in the bookstore. It's just because they're annoyingly long! and there's a ton of books on the store! and I have so little time in my hands! If I've never read the book's blurb or a review at home, I just checkout the cover, the title, browse the blurb if it's so freaking long, or just quickly check it out on goodreads :P
[4] I unconsciously stay in the bookstore for at least 1hr. How else can I check every book if I'll stay less than an hour? (well unless I drop by that bookstore every single week or every other day or whatever).
[5] I only buy on local bookstores - physical stores and one online manga store. Other than those, just no. although I really want to buy on BookDepository or Amazon or somewhere (but my parents will definitely not approve of using my credit card for international book buys. PLUS there's the customs thing.. or whatever problems they encounter there. bleh! but I'll probably buy OL once I graduate from university).

[6] Books with fancy titles ALWAYS catch my attention. It's a really bad thing!
[7] Beautiful book covers attract me so much. All of us are attracted to them, right? XD
[8] When I can buy the complete books of a series I've been seeing people rave about, I just buy them. Even though I've never read a single book. Happened to me. Bad thing. But still... I feel so tempted to buy the complete series of books whenever I can.
[9] I just buy 1 or 2 books at a time unless there's a sale going on or it's a manga order.
[10] When I saw a book I like and I can't buy them that time, I'll put them at the back of the shelf so people won't find them. LOL.
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