Bakuman – Chapter 154: Weekly and Monthly

And we all thought that the issue about Reversi’s serialization has ended. Well, for sure this is the conclusion about Reversi’s serialization. What I would like to see now is the battle between ZombieGun and Reversi.

Different Magazine = Different Editor
This has got to be expected and it seems that right from the start that Mashiro-kun noticed that Hattori is somehow sad about Ashirogi having a different editor for Reversi. Well, it can’t be helped, right? Since Reversi will be in Hisshou Jump, Ashirogi will have vice-editor-in-chief of Hisshou Jump and former team leader of Weekly Shounen Jump, Nakano-san. With HJ still starting, Nakano-san couldn’t get the time to visit Ashirogi-sensei and inform them about stuffs about their serialization and getting a set of new assistants.

Hattori’s getting wasted

Just when Niizuma’s done sulking over his lose to Ashirogi’s Reversi, we have Hattori getting wasted for not being the editor of Reversi. Practically speaking, we all know that when you’re wasted, you just say things right from your heart (or whatever). Hattori-san just blurted everything out to Yuujiro-san who happens to wonder about Hattori’s whereabouts when he heard about Niizuma saying that Reversi is obviously a lot better than PCP. When I said everything, what I mean here is Hattori’s wish to become Reversi’s editor.

Yuujiro grants Hattori’s wish

Yuujiro's a pretty good team leader, yes?

When Yuujiro heard Hattori said that wants to be Reversi’s editor so badly, he decided to bring the issue of exchanging Reversi and PCP in the serialization meeting. During the meeting, they had a hard time with what to do with the serialization of ZombieGun since it’s the only one interesting in the current batch of new manga to be serialized. With the tough decision, Yuujiro came up with the idea of serializing Reversi in WSJ and move PCP to HJ. With that said, Hattori and Ashirogi was invited to the meeting and was personally asked about the issue. Takagi hesitated while both Mashiro and Hattori said it out loud that they would like Reversi be serialized in WSJ. With that said, looks like ZombieGun and Reversi’s going to be the new manga to be serialized.

What could happen next…
With both ZombieGun and Reversi getting serialized at the same time, it’s certainly going to be one tough battle for both Niizuma and Ashirogi. Both of them having different goals in mind but still have one certain destination. As for Niizuma-sensei who’s aiming to be the number one in the world, he certainly won’t let ZombieGun get beaten by Ashirogi’s Reversi. As for Ashirogi who’s aiming to get an anime won’t let themselves get beaten by their rival Niizuma. Enough said, looks like from now on, it’s going to be the real and possibly final battle between Niizuma and Ashirogi but certainly isn’t the end of Bakuman yet.

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