Kimi to Boku. – Episode 6: Glasses and Et Cetera

There’s only one thing I have to say in this episode, I am so glad that Shun-chan finally had his hair cut!! XD

As what I have read everyone’s waiting for, Shun’s hair is officially cut thanks to Yuki and Yuta Asaba along with Chizuru Tachibana. Also, with special thanks to Kaname for providing the place.  Now, with Shun’s hair gone short, less people would probably mistake him for a girl. Yes, I didn’t say that people wouldn’t mistake him for a girl practically because of how he actually acts. I mean seriously.

Stressball. Squeezing it stimulates your brain

shimatta! wrong person!
It’s the boys’ last day of summer (I think) and they’re making their summer homework at Kaname’s. What’s interesting about this episode is Kaname’s flashback of when they were still in middle school when he was trying to recall the time when he first wore glasses. Actually, it was a pretty interesting story because that part could probably be the first time Kaname actually showed how much he cares for his friends, particularly to Yuki. But then, after Kaname decided to forget how embarrassing that memory was, Yuki actually remembered it. How sweet of Yuki.

Other than Kaname’s relationship with Yuki, I certainly can’t forget how Kaname treats his oh-so sweet mother. Probably she could seem annoying for Kaname but at the looks of things, she just wants to be closer to Kaname like how he does when he was kid (ahhh, I am assuming things..). Anyway, that was just a pitiful mother. Yuki, Yuta, Shun and Chizuru also feel bad for Kaname’s mother. I mean, why does he treat her that way? Ahhh, it’s his issues, I don’t really care much. LOL.

Random Chat:
Chizuru: This watermelon's delicious. I could never put salt on something so delicious.
Shun: I prefer eating them as they are, too. I wonder why people put salt on watermelon...
Yuta: The salt makes the watermelon seem even sweeter, doesn't it?
Yuki: And distance makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?
Kaname: No, it doesn't.

Episode 7 Preview

for more screenshots: click this.

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