Bakuman: Chapter 157: Antagonists and Switching

And I seriously thought that things will start getting boring but I was stand corrected. Sure it started with where things were left off last chapter but this chapter just brought in a new and interesting problem for Ashirogi’s new series, Reversi.

WSJ’s New Flagship: Reversi
It’s no doubt that Reversi’s first chapter will get a first but practically speaking, its first chapter wasn’t able to surpass ZombieGun’s first chapter which got around 700+ votes. But then, what surprised me here is Reversi getting rank 1 for their first three chapters. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be surprise at all because it’s supposed to be JUMP’s flagship. But with the outstanding rankings, Mashiro was still not relaxed with how things are going. He was still thinking of what Niizuma’s doing because he seriously can’t believe that it was that easy to beat Niizuma.

Miho’s the cover page!

And I thought that Ohba-sensei has forgotten about Miho. LOL. Well, I’m not a huge fan of Miho though there are times that I do like her. In this chapter, we were given a glimpse of Miho in the cover page of Young Kick. Plus, an update of what’s been up with her which in fact she has gotten a radio show.

looks interesting, yes?
ZombieGun’s 4th Chapter
As what Mashiro was thinking, after the first three chapters which were initially submitted to the editors, from the 4th chapter, Niizuma was able to adjust the story of ZombieGun and remove and add characters. Sure it was an interesting turn of events. Even I was surprise with what he just did that readers would definitely vote for ZombieGun. In this issue it was no surprise that Niizuma got the first place but what surprise me was Ashirogi-sensei getting the 3rd place. Reversi was actually overtaken by Fukuda’s Giri. What's up with that? Now things are certainly getting interesting in the rankings… Will Reversi further drop in the rankings? So much for calling it the flagship of JUMP.

Ashirogi’s Problem

With Niizuma’s outstanding 4th chapter, Mashiro instantly thought of Reversi’s weakness. It was that Reversi can’t just switch characters. They can’t just remove an antagonist and replace him with a new one just like what Niizuma did. Reversi isn’t the battle manga that is as flexible as ZombieGun. Now, the thrill is how Takagi will continue the story with the steady characters they have. I’m really interested to see what’ll happen next. I would like to know what Ashirogi will do in here. Also, I would like to read a couple of pages from Ashirogi's Reversi. Wouldn't that be interesting?

 Plus, did anyone noticed? Weiss of Reversi looks a lot like L, from the style of the hair to the eye-bugs-looking eyes to the way he looks at Schwarz. As for Schwarz, I thought of him as Mashiro with evil looks. LOL.
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