Nisekoi – Chapter 2: Question

Honestly speaking, this is an interesting manga but this chapter isn’t really as good as the first one. I guess second chapters really aren’t that good. But still, this chapter is filled with good comedy about Chitoge and Raku’s fake relationship.


It definitely isn’t a surprise if the two of them get doubts from people about their relationship because it’s so sudden. I mean 10 days of knowing each other and next thing you know they’re dating? The funny thing in here is Bee Hive’s Claude and the Yakuza’s Ryuu questioning both Chitoge and Raku about their relationship.

Have you two kissed yet?

Raku immediately answered “of course” because of panic but Chitoge, on the other hand, denied it. The outcome? Ryuu was actually glad that they haven’t. Both Raku and Chitoge sighed in relief with Chitoge’s answered ‘cause Ryuu was like: If you two had an impure relationship and kissed within 10 days, you’d be seeing blood by now (or something like that).

Lesson learned, don’t panic. LOL.

Raku’s already having development…

Even though Raku is still thinking about the girl he marriage-promised years, I somehow feel that a little development of Raku towards Chitoge is already beginning. Remember when he told her about the girl he promised too and she responded unexpectedly positive about it? Ahhh… he was like: Why is my heart skipping a beat like an idiot over this gorilla!?

Sudden Date
Soooo sudden. Well, that’s what you get in a relationship full of doubting eyes. Plus, what’s interesting in here is that a possible meeting with Onodera might happen. If the gangsters and the yakuza will follow them (Chitoge and Raku) on their date, they definitely can’t deny that they are dating. But if they told Onodera that they dating, Raku’s chances for Onodera will lessen. Oohhh…

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