Bakuman 2 – Episode 7: Life-and-Death and Standstill

The editor-in-chief has finally made up his mind regarding on what to do about TRAP’s serialization and it on the looks of things, it’s not going to be good.

With what I said about last episode, I wouldn’t like to pull out my words of saying I like Miho on that episode. In fact, it looks like I’m liking Miho throughout this arc. With how she’s telling Mashiro everything and actually going ahead of Mashiro on objecting the editor-in-chief’s decision, if she stays this way until Bakuman ends, she’ll certainly make my very few favorite female characters.

Anyway, with the knowledge of Mashiro-kun being in the hospital, Fukuda decided to pay Mashiro a visit. Also, from an unmentioned source, Hiramaru-san found out about Mashiro’s hospitalization and wants to visit him so that he can escape work. LOL.  With that said, Yoshida-san brought Hiramaru to Mashiro’s and Hiramaru was horrified from what he saw at first. His reaction was epic but he asked Miho if she wants this kind of life style and she answered him positively which gave Hiramaru-san motivation to write manga.

Editor-in-chief, Sasaki-san, personally visit Mashiro to tell him about his decision regarding TRAP’s serialization. His decision? Place TRAP on hiatus until they graduate from high school. Naturally Mashiro is against it but on the looks of things, he can’t do anything. Moreover, Sasaki’s decision came from Mashiro’s uncle, Nobuhiko’s (Kawaguchi, Taro) experience, dying from overwork. With Sasaki’s reason, all of them: Mashiro, Takagi, Miho, Fukuda, as well as Hiramaru-san were pissed off with Sasaki’s lame excuse. Hiramaru’s reaction was really unexpected.

It may also be a surprise that the editorial department is making a fuss over the editor-in-chief’s decision regarding TRAP’s serialization. Both Yuujiro and Hattori are going over how unfair the editor-in-chief’s decision is just because Mashiro’s Kawaguchi Taro’s nephew. It’s kind of weird how the editorial department goes over another manga’s issue and fighting over what’s the right thing to do. Is JUMP’s editorial department really like this?

As for the mangakas, Fukuda-san gathered team Fukuda with the exclusion of Ashirogi-sensei and asked all of them to go on hiatus until the editorial department take back Ashirogi’s long hiatus. It wasn’t a surprise but it’s going to be interesting to see how this one will go. On Saturday, it’s going to be an interesting mangaka vs editor battle, yes?

Random Chat:
Hiramaru sees Mashiro drawing manga on his hospital bed…
Hiramaru (horrified, looks back and said to himself): H-he’s still drawing even though he’s been hospitalized! And his girlfriend is cute.
Mashiro: It’s kind of tough to work in here, and it’s a bit cramped, but I can’t allow a break in out serialization.
Yoshida-shi forces Hiramaru to look at Mashiro…
Yoshida: Look well. Isn’t he the model mangaka?
Hiramaru: yes….
Hiramaru hands over the flowers to Miho…
Hiramaru: Are you drawn to this kind of lifestyle, Miss Girlfriend?
Miho: uhh – yes.
Hiramaru (sudden change of attitude – motivated): Yoshida-shi, when we return, I will definitely draw. I feel like I was mistaken.

Episode 8 Preview:

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