Bakuman 2 – Episode 5: Comedy and News

Seems to me that Mashiro and Takagi’s decision of keeping Trap the way it is worked out really well. But then, with five episodes, who said it’s already going to be a happy ending. By the end of the episode, another problem rise.

Just when Takagi and Miura thought of making Trap a little more lighthearted, Trap’s ranking suddenly rise which gave both Mashiro and Takagi more motivation in doing their best. Looking good for Trap, don’t you think? But it seems that Mashiro’s the one that isn’t looking good at all. He’s eye bugs are bigger than usual and he’s really pale.  With how much he’s pushing himself to work harder, we found him at the end of the episode lying on the floor, exhausted. Honestly speaking, as someone who has been reading the manga, I already saw this coming. I expected to see this getting part in this season. For what I notice in the pacing, I have to say that it’s pretty good and as of now, I can see the ending of this season.

i'm pissing blood.
With this episode going with the usual Ashirogi-let’s-do-our-best thing, it never fails to give us a little comedy side of the story. Let’s say that the comedy side of Bakuman is named Hiramaru-san. Don’t you just find it funny when he actually seems used togetting called by the police-like Yoshida-san? Plus, he’s doing some excuses to not write manga. Oh yes, the idea of “pissing blood” is pretty stupid alright. And he seriously wants to be hospitalized!! Finally, we found out that Hiramaru-san gets motivation from Yoshida’s bribery. Bow down to Yoshida-shi!!

As for the current state of the rest of the mangakas, we just see Fukuda-san getting pissed off whenever Ashirogi gets ahead of him. Plus, his assistant gives him a hand in coming upideas. As for Nakai-san and Aoki-san, on the looks of things, Hide Out Door seems to be going pretty well. Better yet, we see Aoki-san being able to take Nakai-san’s opinion pretty well which gives her a better character. And finally, Niizuma-sensei who got tied with one of Ashirogi’s chapter in 3rd is consistent to his top rankings.

Also, I seriously laugh at the so-called collaboration (or was it crossover?) of SKET Dance and Bakuman. The upcoming episode of SKET Dance was just shown in the television with Miho as the voice actor of the guess character. I guess SKET Dance really can’t interrupt the ongoing story of Bakuman.

Random Chat:

Hiramaru: It smells nice.

Miyoshi: Thank you, but it’s instant coffee.

Hiramaru: Just the fact that a girl prepared it puts me at ease.

Episode 6 Preview:

for more screenshots: click here.
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