Bakuman 2 – Episode 6: Sickness and Determination

As expected from what happened last episode, Mashiro-kun was brought to the hospital. With that, what’s going to happen to Trap’s serialization?

With Mashiro’s sudden collapse, it’s no doubt that Miura was heck worried as well as their former editor, Hattori-san. Also it seems ridiculous but Mashiro is willing enough to still work on Trap while in the hospital. While the doctor strictly forbids him to do so, because Mashiro’s really stubborn, he told Takagi to bring the manuscript so that he can finish.

As for Takagi who’s undecided on what to do, he called Miho to convince Mashiro to just rest until he’s good to go. With Mashiro and Miho’s sudden meet up, they were both too stiff until Miho told Mashiro that if he still insists on drawing manga in his current condition, she’ll hate him. But then, Mashiro didn’t even have any second thoughts of backing down. With that, Miho immediately gave up saying that she couldn’t even make herself hate him and she confessed that she actually liked Mashiro for 8 years now. She told him how she knew about him when she first saw him painting. Honestly speaking, I think it was a cute story.

Then, after Takagi (having no choice) brought the manuscript to the hospital, Niizuma came to visit. After seeing Mashiro-kun finishing the colored spread, one look at each other and he already left. With Yuujiro seeing Mashiro working, he immediately called Miura. As Miura rush to the hospital and saw how proud Mashiro is while he’s working, he couldn’t bring himself to stop him. When Mashiro was attacked by a sudden heavy cough, Takagi was about to call the nurse when Miho stopped him. She picked up the pens Mashiro dropped and helped his hand in holding the pen and told him to make their dream come true. Awww… I honestly like Miho in this episode :D

Random Chat:

Yuujiro: That cute girl is Mashiro’s girlfriend? I would have thought she was Takagi’s…
Niizuma: Yuujiro, are you an idiot? She looks just like TRAP’s heroine, Ami.
Yuujiro: oh I see. I am an idiot.
Niizuma: Yeah, I wouldn’t even think you’re a Jack editor.

Episode 7 Preview:

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