Another - Episode 6: Face to Face

Somehow this episode turned out a little lighter than before. This is probably something to break everyone watching from over thinking.

I'm still into knowing the reason why was Mei chosen to be the non-existent in their class this year. Sure she accepted it because like what she told Kouichi, she chooses to be the one being ignore than be the one who ignores. I guess it can be a pretty good thought if you're trying to be kind or whatever but if you do want to have a normal middle school life, it's best to choose the one who ignores. Anyway, going back to the question, it still is a mystery to me why was Mei chosen as the non-existent. I'd still like to push through the idea that it's not random or just by chance. There must be a reason behind it.

Another thing I'd like to bring up in this episode is the idea of Kouichi being the ghost in the class. I've read a couple of blog posts about this idea though it never occur to me to think of this after last week's episode. They did said something about the number of chairs being equal to the class number until Kouichi came. Though Izumi did assured that Kouichi wasn't the ghost since he's not cold. Moreover, Kouichi did said something about not leaving in Yomiyama until now. The creepy idea begins here. Why did I said that? Remember when Kouichi was talking to his father through the phone? He mentioned about Kouichi being back in Yomiyama after one and a half year. Question is why can't Kouichi remember that? I don't want to make conclusions anymore at this point in time. Plus, the line got cut off again AND the idea of him being back in Yomiyama seems to be something his father is keeping. Since after mentioning it to him and Kouichi rejecting the idea, his father probably said something through the crappy signal noise and finally said "my mistake". I really do wonder about Kouichi's identity.

I wouldn't be going into the details of everything but here're a couple more things that caught my attention:
  • Mochizuki talking to the entire Art Club when he saw them talking to Mei.
  • The librarian, Chibiki (Hirata, Hiroaki) being the homeroom teacher of Ritsuko and Misaki. Explains why he knows Ritsuko.
  • Apparently the Misaki that died 26yrs ago was a boy. This explains the empty space at the top-right corner of the class picture.
  • Chibiki's reason for staying at the school but as a librarian. He did said that Misaki's house burned down. Was he the one responsible for it? :/
  • Chibiki explained the confusing class roster that changes - adds students, removes them, brings them back, etc. and other things concerning the class roster.
  • The calamity can be stopped midway and this can be done in summer break. It happened in Reiko's class.

Now who really is the ghost? I think that Mei could probably be the one who can tell. She did said that she isn't the ghost but she never did said that Kouichi wasn't. I actually remembered her left eye being able to see "things that should be seen" (did I recall that right?).

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Episode 7 Preview


  1. I don't really wanna know who is the ghost now. We would probably know it when the anime is about to end. For no i'll enjoy the KouichixMei scene :D

    1. that's a pretty good point, the right time will come for the ghost to be revealed.

      well, i'm not really into the KouichixMei possible romance but their pairing sure was good. && Kouichi's daydreaming was pretty funny xD


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