vistlip - 8th Single: Recipe

Just the news I've been waiting to see(:

Similar to most j-artists I listen to right now, I also first heard vistlip from an anime particularly from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's which until now I haven't finish :( Anyway, the first song I heard from them was -OZONE- and it was really good to listen to, pretty fitting for 5D's and until now, I still listen to it over and over(:

screen-cap from their official website:

After the really outstanding album, Order Made, they released last December, their announcement of their new single Recipe which will be released on April 11, 2012 really caught my interest. The "vister" Edition is said to have two new songs and a DVD with the PV for "Recipe" as well as its making-of footage. While the "lipper" Edition will also have two new songs, a self cover track, as well as a deluxe booklet. AND finally, the regular edition will have three new tracks and two instrumentals (the typical single). Tracklist as well as cover of the new single is yet to be announced(: I'll just keep up with the news and update once it goes out :D

I have to admit than I'm excited for this and I'd like to hear what vistlip will sound this time because as a fan for over two years now, I have to admit that every single, they get better and better(:

vistlip official website: click here.
vistlip on click here.
Recipe on cdjapan: vister | lipper
Source: Vistlip Announces New Single, “Recipe”

Update on their Upcoming Single: click here.
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