Bakuman - Chapter 165: Practicing and Charging Up

AND you all thought it's all over.

The heroine is not in their hands.
I actually thought back then that once they get an anime it'll be all over since Hattori did said way back then that the mangakas get to have their picks as well in the production such as choosing who'll voice who. BUT it looks like this time choosing the voice actor for their heroine won't be in their hands and I'm betting that even though how much Miho have practiced and memorized the lines, she's not getting the role. 

The introduction of Ririka wasn't for nothing.
Remember that Kitami, Ririka was introduced in Chapter 161? Well, the reason for that is finally shown here and it looks like she's going to get the role of the heroine instead of Miho. This is going to be interesting :]

AND can anyone remember this guy?
Sure it has been forever since we saw him AND he sure have changed A LOT. The best description has got to be: he turned into Nakai :)) Well, for those who have forgotten this guys, he's Ishizawa, Hidemitsu, Ashirogi's middle school classmate as well as college schoolmate. It sure has been awhile and what we all know about him is that he's serialized in some unknown magazine and he's a 100% pervert (remember the incident with Aoki? -- the anime reminded me of this :D).

Anyway, on the looks of things, he's a huge fan of Ririka and he could be routing for her to get the heroine role for Reversi's anime adaptation. I wonder what his reappearance mean in this point of time.
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