Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal + Gagaga Magician Rant

I went back to watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal after placing it on-hold for quite some time and I never get tired of laughing of how stupid the monsters have gotten or whatever else I find half stupid in this series. For the record, I'm currently in episode 21.

As a huge fan of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Series which is Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, I'm still irritated by the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal has gotten way funnier and annoying that what I was expecting it to be.

wouldn't like to complain so much of other things such as plot, story, characters, art, etc. I'd like to focus on the new cards and monsters that were added in this series. Of course, I couldn't go into details of all the cards since I practically can't recall everything. First off, it's a distinct idea that every series, a new way of summoning monsters are done. In Duel Monsters, it's the typical summon every monster you have in your hand with no limitations until Seto Kaiba introduced the sacrificing of lower level monsters to summon higher level ones. Other than this typical rule, Duel Monsters also uses the Ritual Monsters or monsters that are summoned through various rituals. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX, even though I haven't gotten into half of the series, I'm assuming that the prevailing style of dueling here is the use of the not-so-old fusion as well as the use of duel fields (or whatever it was called) and finally for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, other than riding the so-called 'D-Wheels', the new dueling style that was introduced is the use of synchro-monsters and doing synchro-summon through the use of tuner monsters. As for Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, it introduced to us XYZ monsters. By overlaying monsters with the same level, you can summon a monster with overlay units which can be used for their special abilities. Well, that wasn't so bad, yes?

Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl

everyone's fave Dark Magician
Well, that was some long stupid rambling anyway. I don't really think that this is a problem. I just gave an overview of what the heck happens in the new dueling systems in Zexal. As I have mentioned, my real annoyance for this series is the monsters. Let's take for example Yuma's trump card, Gagaga Magician. I find Gagaga Magician as a cheap-knockoff of Yugi's trump card in Duel Monsters, Dark Magician. Though Gagaga Magician isn't as strong as Dark Magician, it also comes with his very own partner, Gagaga Girl which has the same style as Dark Magician Girl. Other than Gagaga Girl, Gagaga Magician also has some magic card under his sleeves. I did some quick research and Gagaga Monsters has this so-called Gagagabolt (okay, that's some stupid name indeed) which destroys a selected card on the field. Dark Magician, on the other hand, had this Dark Magic Attack which allows the user to destroy all spell and trap cards on the opponent's side of the field. So they have one common similarity and a couple of differences. I wouldn't like to raise the idea of one being stronger or weaker than the other but the main idea is that the monster from Zexal were most likely a copy of the monsters from Duel Monsters or from the other series  perhaps. If not that, they're just plain monsters created out of nothing that looks really annoying.

Looking at the bigger picture of all the monsters I've seen so far in the series, I just have to laugh at most of them. A couple would have to be pretty decent particularly speaking Shark's deck as well as Kaito's. The so-called Numbers would be pretty decent as well, I think. AND Yuma's Aspiring Emperor Hope (Kibou Ou Hope) reminds me of Judai's Neos Monsters. LOL. Well, that proves its decency. Other than Hope, the rest of his monsters are complete bullshit. There's Gagaga Magician, Dododo Warrior, Gogogo Golem, etc. Stupid Names. LOL. Oh and I almost forgot Kuribolt, Kuriboh's version in Zexal.

Certainly, I have biases as a fan of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! and I have to admit that I'm more into Dark Magician since I hated Yuma's deck from the very beginning because of how poorly it was thought and how his deck doesn't have prevailing theme or such other than his monsters having repeated syllable names. Actually, I believe that the entire concept of Zexal was poorly thought. AND I would like to go over this next time(:

*If I had mentioned anything wrong with regards to the concept of dueling or what-so-ever, please do notify me since I'm not really into dueling or anything(:
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