Bakuman - Chapter 166: Rumors and Articles

Okay. Now the more reason why Miho won't get the part.

Blog post deleted.
Actually it was pretty weird for Ashirogi to think that no one actually able to read Ririka's blog post when she's a seiyuu and the post lasted for more or less two days. I'd say even a couple of people could have read it. Anyway, what I noticed on her blog post is the idea that she really does like Mashiro :3 When she gets the role, could she battle her idol "Azukyun" to get Mashiro? :3

Japanese fans really go crazy over their idols.
Takagi sure knows a lot.
I've watched otakus in Oreimo going crazy over Witch Meruru (or whatever) and Idol fans (Otsu-san's Fan Club headed by Shinpachi) in Gintama and I have to admit that they really go crazy over their idols. Now we all see how Miho's fans react after knowing that Miho has a boyfriend. Personally, I don't really care about the personal lives of the voice actors, idols, jpop artists jrock artists I listen to. If their happy, I'm happy. As long as their doing their job I won't care what they do.

Kind of funny that this issue actually reminded me of the recent break out news on the marriage of Jin Akanishi (赤西仁) and Kuroki Meisa (黒木メイサ) whom I both listen to. On my short personal opinion on this, I don't really want to make a huge ruckus about their marriage. They're married and that's probably good. Whatever the reason is, I don't give a damn as long as they make good music it's all good(:

ANYWAY, sure do hope that everything will be fine regarding Miho's career. I'm pretty sure Ashirogi doesn't have any issues in here BUT their dream sure is at steak. I'm still betting for Ririka to get the part though.

Ishizawa's role.
Now we all saw what Ishizawa really is doing in this arc. Guess he'll be the one breaking Mashiro and Miho's dream because he wants Ririka to get the role so badly. Bad fan boying. Tsk. 

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