Nisekoi - Chapter 15: Rival

Okay. So last chapter was a bit boring and this one is pretty interesting. Claude's evil plan. The transfer student. The fight for Chitoge.

The transfer student.
He's good looking. AND knows Chitoge since childhood. Everybody thinks Raku's no match to him. I guess it's true that you can never judge someone with just looking at them. Transfer student, Seishiro Tsugumi, has showed us that. He's got that fierce look when he introduced himself but the instant he saw Chitoge, he started looking like some excited child when he finally got the toy he wishes for. BUT when he personally talked to Raku, the difference in his personality is pretty obvious.
He's Claude's evil plan and on the looks of things, the plan is to break Raku and Chitoge apart. Well, practically speaking, it's not going to happen since they don't really love each other (yet) on the first place and they both know that they're doing this so-called relationship for the sake of their families. So there's no way Tsugumi will be able to break them apart. The only exciting thing I'm looking forward from this arc is that the possible further development on Raku and Chitoge's relationship. Plus, they'll be all cuddly now on the class since Tsugumi is there. How will this affect Onodera? :3

Piece of advice: Never lose your guard when you don't really know someone. (OvO)

I won’t give her to anyone!
It's exciting to think that there're are times that Raku actually thinks about Chitoge. Better yet, the ending of this chapter declares a further development for Chitoge and Raku's relationship. When Raku said that he wont' give Chitoge to anyway, he looks hell serious and not lying at all. Is he actually developing feelings for Chitoge? Moreover, it is shown that Chitoge actually heard what Raku just declared. Her reaction's pretty funny. I wonder what'll happen next. Is she even going to say something about this matter?

that's the spirit!

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