Aku no Hana: disturbingly interesting

Well that wasn't as bad as what others have been saying. The art, I mean.

Aku no Hana sure knows how to actually show a real everyday life through Kasuga Takao (Ueda Shinichirou). There haven't really been much going on in here yet I was never bored even for a second. Maybe all this episode is pointing is that Kasuga is just like everyone else. He's your typical guy who gets study problems, has a typical book reading hobby and secretly likes someone (and that someone is probably the girl every other guy likes as well. The 'perfect' type of girl).

Aside from Kasuga, we also get a glimpse of Saeki Nanako (Hikasa Yoko), the perfect girl Kasuga likes. She's got good grades, looks and friends. She's popular. On the other end, there's the friendless and creepy (as Kasuga's friend had said) Nakamura Sawa (Ise Mariya) who purposely trash talked their teacher. The way she looks at him really just makes her the perfect disturbing character in here.

The slow pacing of this opening episode really works in pretty well. It's not the slow paced boring kind of thing despite how it's all narration and everyday life of Kasuga. Of course we also get to hear is thoughts about Saeki. The cliffhanger sure works in pretty well but not that type that will make you scream 'what's going to happen next!?' rather it's the type where you'll go 'how will they form their so-called contract?' or 'how will Nakamura approach Kasuga?'. Those are probably the questions that goes around for those who doesn't read the manga but for those who have been reading it, they might have been going around how it'll be done in here. What'll be the look on Kasuga's face when Nakamura talks to him or something. But in my point of view, Aku no Hana was able to have a pretty interesting opening episode.

Now let's talk about this so-called rotoscoping. I don't want to go into technicalities so I'm not going to search for any definition or explanation. First of all, let's talk about the background. It's definitely not as dark looking as Another (okay, you can hate me all you want but that's the first thing I remembered) but it has the similar style and vibes. But the difference is that Aku no Hana knows how to keep up with the atmosphere adding the music and the more realistic look on the surroundings. As for the character designs, I guess they aren't your typical 'anime' style but this designs does fits the disturbing atmosphere that Aku no Hana would like to show. I'm not familiar with the material itself but I've head that it's the disturbing type of series that will keep you wanting of its well… disturbing-ness…

To wrap this post up, I'd say that Aku no Hana is a really great additional to the Spring 2013 line up. It's one of the season's worth-watching series. For those who probably can't stand the art (because for some reasons, I wasn't disturb by it. HAHAHA), get used to it :3
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