Karneval 03: Nai is really cute. Will Gareki have more embarrassing inner thoughts of Nai as a Niji?

Looks like we're getting background on both Gareki and Nai simultaneously.

First off, Gareki'sbackground is practically what you'll call the typical route. He's a thief and he's doing it for someone. Or he's a thief and he's doing it because he was pushed through it by a certain event in his life. The woman that was showed in episode 1 is certainly closely related to him. However she died will probably be go over later. I hope.

The real focus of this episode is Nai's real nature. It's even funny how Gareki becomes a bit more comedic whenever he tries to digest the fact that Nai isn't actually how he looks right now. He's an animal. A rare one. Seriously? AND something that's really, really cute. Maybe that explains his cheap character. Or not. Definitely not, okay? There's probably more on Nai's character than being an experimental kid from an animal or something and maybe his relationship with Karoku will explain everything. But they are comparing Nai's body to a Varuga? I'm pretty interested at what's up with that.

Now speaking of Karoku, Nai's dream/communication with him is certainly suspicious. First of all, there's the term he used to call Nai, he said 'ore no musuko' which means 'my son' or so I think. Connecting through what happened in this episode, I'd say that Karoku has something to do about Nai's current human form or something. However Nai was created, experimented or formed, Karoku was the head of it. Secondly, Karoku told Nai to push Gareki away (ohgod, and he literally did). Is it to keep Gareki out of trouble or to keep Gareki from sneaking around Karoku's business with Nai? Either way, we're all pretty sure that Nai's relationship with Gareki will only continue to grow deeper throughout the series.

Finally, thecliffhanger is definitely interesting. It makes me wonder how they'll save Gareki when we're all pretty sure that Gareki will probably land on the hands of those Varuga-making-people. Will he meet Karoku there? :3

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