Free! PV: looks like we're going to see swimming in an entirely new light.

Whatever the deal is with this gay looking series, I'm most likely going to watch it either way.

I think I've never heard of an anime about swimming before and all we've seen so far is some shitty fan service obligatory beach episodes on most slice of life (but is not limited to) series. Okay, I'm not saying that this one won't be a fan service-y series because just seeing how much publicity it had since it was just mentioned without any anime in mind, those fujoshi out there have probably scattered their BL fanarts all over the internet and shared their love for this series that hasn't even been animated.

Now those fujoshi can squeal all they want because this series looks more gay than Kimi to Boku. (not that I consider Kimi to Boku. gay or anything. HAHA. I absolutely love that show). With the given premise of this series, it's typically one of those all-boys slice of life series (based on that damn PV) but focusing on the sports particularly swimming as its story drive. Just like how K-ON! has music and Tsuritama has fishing. Or maybe how Kuroko no Basuke has basketball. I think that's a pretty good comparison there considering the fact that it's going to be centered on a group of boys in a sports club beating the hell out of their rivals and still look good for BL material. Only that it seems a bit funny since it's like seeing Houtaro (Hyouka), Mochizo (Tamako Market) and Yuuta (Chuu2byo) try to act… well… fan service-y…

It doesn't look like its going to be a grand series but KyoAni has definitely pulled a pretty interesting publicity in here. HAHAHA. Okay, maybe it's not their work but now that KyoAni has taken the attention of the community, I'm pretty interested to see the reaction of most people out there once this airs :3 but however this'll be received, I'd prefer KyoAni to have something like Hyouka.

~Oh and did I mentioned that the cast is pretty nice? :3
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