Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%: That opening performance was really embarrassing to watch.

I was really hoping that Karneval will be my first series for the season but sadly not even the raw is out yet. I was battling myself if I should start this one or what…

Anyway, after watching this first episode I fully understand why it has that 'comedy' tag in the genre :3

I was honesty blinded by all the singing and the nice voice acting from last season I barely remember stuff there. BUT the opening of this second season of UtaPri made me remember why it was funny. Setting aside Shimono Hiro's and Terashima Takuma's fun characters, STARISH's opening performance seriously made me laugh. I was laughing all the way 'cause they all look so… gay, it was embarrassing to watch (≧∇≦)>

Okay. Now I'm going serious mode (then fangirling mode later :3).
This second season starts off with everyone's usual self as they welcome Nanami Haruka (Sawashiro Miyuki), our favorite golden-eyed-heroine to their Masters Class. From where the first season left off, STARISH's debut, we continue the story with each of the male lead improving themselves to professional level idols. Each pair of STARISH is assigned to their very own professional idol senpai who's suppose to teach them what they need to know to become professional idols.

Aside from the returning cast which was probably the reason we're still watching, three of the four new characters were finally introduced as the senpai of the main cast. The most noticeable among the three (for me) was Kurosaki Ranmaru (Suzuki Tatsuhisa). His character basically screams bad news for both Hijikawa Masato (Suzumura Kenichi) and Jinguuji Ren (Suwabe Junichi). But both of them doesn't really care about Ranmaru's arrogant character. In fact, Jinguuji seems more than ready to face him head on.

The next senpai that caught my attention is Mikaze Ai who's voiced by Aoi Shouta who also voiced Asaba Yuki's (Kimi to Boku.) kouhai. What I noticed about him is how he also looks a bit arrogant like Ranmaru but at the same time fun seeing how he approached Kurusu Shou (Shimono Hiro) and made that funny height-statement-joke. On a side note his voice kind of sound feminine (ーー;). I'm not happy about it.
The third senpai introduced is for Ittoki Ottoya (Terashi Takuma) and Ichinose Tokiya (Miyano Mamoru). Kotobuki Reiji voiced by Makaino Koji's (Bakuman.) voice actor, Morikubo Showtaro, isn't anything better than the previous two in terms of voice and singing.
Finally there's an unnamed member of their group (I forgot what they were called by I did saw their name on a poster in the anime at the beginning), Camus (Maeno Tomoaki), who apparently joined the other three in their performance. Whoever he is and what's up with his character, I'm pretty sure that it'll be revealed a couple of episodes from now (who knows, it might be next episode :P).

Tokiya's doing a bit of comedy this season :3

Now let's go on fangirling over characters and voice actors.
First off, I'm really glad to see Tokiya's character lighter than before. He was all snobbish last season and seeing him make those chibi-comedy face was a nice touch. Mamo-chan's voice is a nice as ever that it doesn't even matter if he's doing a serious or comedy character at all (but I'm sure that I'll like him as Yogi in Karneval more). Terashima's voice as Ittoki is really nice to hear again. Ittoki's my fave Terashima character and his character in UtaPri is probably one of my fave as well being the comedy relief together with Shou. Then there's the pair of Shou and Natsuki who's probably the most amusing pair out there given Natsuki's case and Shimono Hiro's voice acting :3 After tuning in to GJ-bu last Winter, I got used to hearing Shimono talk like he's always being teased which perfectly fits Shou's character. HAHA.

On a side note, I'm kind of wondering why Cecil's (Toriumi Kousuke) a main character in here when he doesn't even have any involvement in the story (ーー;). AND did you notice that? He's got himself those cheaper versions of Kirara (AKB0048 reference) - his fireflies. LOL

All in all, UtaPri's second season is nothing different from season one. So viewers of season one will definitely enjoy this one. The performances in here are the same as ever. It's fancy a little bit flashy (kind of like AKB0048 but not quite).
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