Karneval 02: I guess Circus really is a circus.

Looks like Karneval will never fail to look as fancy and flashy as the first episode.

Similar to how Karneval started, this second episode was able to successfully follow up its flashy shounen style. The introduction of Yogi (Miyano Mamoru) finally gave Karneval a lighter feel to the series after those serious fight scenes.

Yogi introduceshimself as 'Filled with the power of man's spirit! I'm the Sparkling Prince who makes your heart throb! The Second Ship Fighter of the National Defense Organization, Circus, Yogi!' I can't stop myself from laughing there. Mamo-chan's crazy characters are seriously the best. With all the seriousness going around the series, I'm pretty glad that Mamo-chan's the one playing the comic relief character here :3 And his Nyanperona mascot really fits Yogi. HAHAHA.

Anyway, looks like Circus wasn't called 'Circus' for nothing. They are doing those acrobats and other flashy things to entertain people. It's more like a façade of what they're doing. Well not that people don't know what they are doing. It seems to me that the public actually knows their real business. So what is Circus really after? As what Hirato had mentioned, Circus's job is to maintain order but they specifically go after 'special crimes'. Circus is after 'monsters' like Mine (the mosnter from ep1). Specifically they are after this organization called Evolution who created these monsters like Mine or Varuga, as they called it.

With all that said, I'm pretty sure that we're all staring at the captured old CEO last episode and his second in command, I assume, who is voiced by Suwabe Junichi. Aside from Hirato, as obvious as it seems, they have also taken an interest on Nai given how he has taken a hold of Circus's old ID. More importantly, the big question in here is Karoku's involvement in all of these. Why is he with the CEO's daughter, Erisyuka (Satou Satomi)? AND how can Nai hear Karoku? Is it through the bracelet? Well that's most likely it. But for now, what I'd like to know is Karoku's reason for being with Erisyuka and how did things ended up like this. I mean what exactly happened to him back them?

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