[BOOK BLITZ] For No Apparent Reason

Series: N/A
Author: S.K. Derban
Genre: mystery, romance, 
Publisher: TouchPoint Press
Published: October 10, 2013
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A focused law student, romance has been absent from Madison’s life. She has successfully planned each phase of her life and resigned to the fact that there will be plenty of time for love after she passes the bar exam—that is, until the single act of seeking shelter from a spring downpour dramatically alters the course of her life. 
Madison is lured away from the security of law school into a world where she learns about the destructive nature of greed. Thrust in a maze of money laundering and murder, Madison experiences the value of true friendship and witnesses the healing power of love. 

*          *          *

While preoccupied with a mental debate about whether to tear open the package, Madison heard the doorbell. She sprinted down the stairs before the second chime, half expecting to see Jeremiah. Madison took a deep breath, steadied her herself for a confrontation, then opened the door. Instead of Jeremiah, she found herself face to face with a captivating stranger. “Hello,” she said, before panic set in. In her rush, Madison had failed to check the peephole.

“Miss Leigh?” he asked. His sensual drawl emphasized the “Lee” sound of her last name. His simple question instantly struck Madison with a lightning bolt of emotion. She wanted to respond, but couldn’t even remember how to speak. He stepped even closer. “You are Madison Leigh?” he pressed.

Her hands began to perspire. Finally, she managed to say, “Yes, I am.” Madison looked up and captured a glimpse of her own reflection in his mirrored sunglasses. The racing of her heart had caused her face to flush dramatically. She cleared her throat in a struggle to regain control. “And, who are you?”

“I’m an agent with the FBI. My name is Court Braxton.” Madison immediately relaxed.

“Court?” She sounded flirtatious. “As in basketball?” Through his sunglasses, Court watched as Madison squinted to pierce their opaque lenses. He felt an increased attraction for the spirited young woman as she continued to tease him. “Tennis? Racquetball?”

Court clenched his jaw in an effort to stall a grin. “Miss Leigh,” he interrupted. “Please feel free to just call me Agent Braxton.”

*             *             *

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, S.K. Derban moved to London within the first three months, and remained in England until the age of five. Her father, an American citizen, was a decorated veteran of the second world war. Derban's mother, born and raised in the United Kingdom, was involved with the London Royal Ballet Company, and a great fan of the arts. Even after returning to the United States, Derban's life was filled with a love of the theatre and a passion for British murder mysteries. 
S.K. Derban has always remained passionate about writing, and is thrilled to finally share her work with others. Her personal travel and missionary adventures also help to transport readers virtually across the globe. When writing, Derban relies on all aspects of her life, from her faith in the Lord, to her love and knowledge of the arts.

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