AMNESIA: another chance for the Otome Game-based anime series to redeem itself.

Watching this series really did felt like an Otome Game :3 Nice work on that part, I guess, but I don't think that the story will get anything interesting.

AMNESIA is mainly about the heroine (with no name) who lost all her memories prior to August 1 and by interacting with people, she'll  be able to remember them. Her amnesia was mainly due to the appearance of Orion (Igarashi Hiromi). According to Orion, when he arrived to the world, he bumped into the heroine's spirit thus trapping himself into her spirit which is probably the reason why she's the only one who can see and hear him.

AMNESIA's OP episode opened up nicely with a game-like feel to it. The plot itself is done in such a way that the heroine is required to interact with the people around her. The plot also hints that the series will be tackled one guy at a time. It kind of gives me the idea that the flow of the story will be similar to UtaPri wherein the heroine gets to know one guy at a time with one or two episodes perhaps. It's a simple formula. The catch is that there seem to be something that they'll need to stop in here or face somewhere at the end. The ED scene of the episode is pretty interesting. It makes me look forward on the next episode and see what's up with that although the best explanation will be it's related to her past or something like it.

The appearance of Ukyou (Miyata Kouki) definitely screams suspicious. He doesn't seem to be an acquaintance of the heroine and he's not a worker of the café as well. What he'll do in the series is something that can probably make or break the story. The OP scene is kind of a puzzle right now although it's an interesting touch for the series. Definitely a lot better from the previous reverse harem I've seen lately such as Hiiro no Kakera, UtaPri and Arcana Famiglia. I'll look forward to some explanation about it soon. It's definitely something about her past.

As an Otome Game-based series, AMNESIA's greatest appeal has got to be the male characters together with their personality and voice actors (in my part). First off, there's Shin (Kakihara Tetsuya) who seems to be the serious type and acts as if he doesn't care so much about the heroine. Kakihara definitely did a great job in him. I don't really remember hearing Kakihara voice characters for this kind of series (or does Brave 10 counts? :P) so I'm kind of looking forward to it :3

Aside from Shin, another character introduced immediately was Toma (Hino Satoshi) who seems to know the heroine as much as Shin does. He plays the fun and friendly character which kind of reminded me of Ittoki Otoya from UtaPri. For Toma's character, I'm personally being bothered by Satoshi's voice because it's like the calculative Takagi Akito from Bakuman. moved to AMNESIA. It's like Takagi seriously became a bishie. LOL. I could have liked it better if Toma was voiced by Terashima Takuma or Miyano Mamoru or Sakurai Takahiro or someone else. LOL.

Finally there's Ikki (Taniyama Kishou) who always had that suspicious look. Could it be that he can see that the heroine lost her memory? AND there's Kent (Ishida Akira) who plays the inexpressive guy in the series. As for the voice actors, I'm personally not a fan of Kishou's voice acting and I don't think his voice in here stands out in any way for me. As for Akira, I like his voice and it's definitely fitting for his character.

The music is definitely great. I like the BGM that played right at the very beginning. It's pleasing to listen to. It's like a music box sound. I'm definitely looking for a copy of the soundtrack :3 Also, the OP is pretty nice. It's visually and musically appealing.

The art is really great. I guess that's Brains Base for you! The color is great. The character designs are right on track. I definitely like all of them :3 And unlike a certain Otome Game-based series, the heroine actually looks nice in here. The color combination of the characters' eyes seem to be an interesting touch but bothering at times but not as bother as this character's golden eyes. LOL.

Overall, I'd say that AMNESIA is a pretty interesting series. I don't expect so much from the story but so far it's good and a little interesting. What I personally care most in here are the bishies and I'm definitely sure that more than 70% of the girls watching this series are into that as well. 
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