GJ-bu: another series with a senseless/weird club.

GJ-bu is an anime series adapted from a 4-koma novel. I think that it's something similar to a 4-koma manga but having 4 pages length instead of 4 panels. It piqued my interest when I read about it since I've never heard of anything like it. Maybe I'm just personally curious at how it will be done.

Similar to other 4-koma series out there such as A-Channel and Acchi Kocchi, each episode of GJ-bu is packed with random comedy skits which is mostly based on the characters. This could be one of those pretty fun series with no specific direction in mind, just a bunch of girls (and a boy) wasting time at some senseless club.

Being a harem series, I'm really looking at GJ-bu as one of those series with that one pairing at the end - Mao x Kyouya. I'm visualizing it now and I'm betting that we'll have that by the end of the series. ANYWAY, I'm not really looking forward to that since 4-koma series are mostly about making fun at simple and senseless things.

SO let's talk about the characters.

Shinomiya Kyouya (Shimono Hiro) was forced to be a member of the GJ-bu and is also the only male member of the club. As a typical guy of a harem series, he's very nice and is in good terms with every member of the club. In most cases, the other members of GJ-bu makes fun of him.

Amatsuka Mao (Uchida Maaya) is the chibi president of the club. But despite her small body, she's got a pretty big attitude as well. Amatsuka Megumi (Miyamoto Yume) is Mao's sister who seems like her opposite. Megumi seems to have a pleasant character but at episode 2 (was it?), they said that they shouldn't make Megumi mad :3 I wonder what that meant~ Then there's Sumeragi Shion (Mimori Suzuko) who's both rich and smart. She's good at chess and is very curious at almost everything that 'commoners' (got the term from Ouran. LOL) do or eat perhaps (ex. canned coffee, cup ramen). Finally there's Bernstein Kirara (Arakawa Chika) who seems more mysterious than she looks. All she does is eat meat in the club room and she only respects Kyouya.

The art is very cute and simple. It isn't entirely similar to those two series mentioned earlier. But if I'm going to make a character design comparison I guess it's fairly similar to Baka to Test and A-Channel. Aside from the harem-style character designs, their chibi counterparts looks good as well - I'm hoping to see this series get a nendoroid :3

In an overall look on GJ-bu, I'd say that it's a fun series to watch. If you like 4-koma adapted series I'd say that this is a must to watch. It's filled with lots of senseless yet fun things with typically good characters and cute character designs.

I personally enjoy watching GJ-bu when I want to relax my mind from all the thinking :D
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