Chihayafuru 2: it's the first episode of Sumire-furu!

While watching this episode, my face honestly look like Mashiro's at episode 1 of Bakuman. 3 XD This first episode was just great.

Chihayafuru 2 has got to be the best show this season. No questions asked. Out of all the first episodes I've seen right now, this has got to be my fave (or am I just being bias? :P). On a side note, I haven't seen Kotoura-san yet which most people seem to say has the best first episode this season.

What I personally like in Chihayafuru 2's OP episode is how it was made in such a way that you'll never think they had that almost 1year break. Madhouse Studios was like: let's all assume that everyone has seen S1 last season and start this S2 with the introduction of the new member immediately. No more recalling of all those things happened last season. That's not important anyway. ~They sure aren't wasting any time here, huh?

The best indication that this is a new season was the new school year. Ayase Chihaya (Seto Asami) and Mashima Taichi (Miyano Mamoru) are finally juniors. The club needs at least 5 new members in order to acquire the new club room (well that isn't really that important, is it?). Through Taichi's charisma they were able to attract lots of female members but they're all interested in Taichi NOT in Karuta. What's more problematic for the Karuta-bu is their current difference in priorities. But it's a great save that Chihaya has somehow became selflessly greedy this time around and probably serious about really achieving all of the things she said. AND isn't it that the first thing she said was her priority to make Taichi reach Class A? :3 Oh Taichi, I'm pretty sure it meant nothing more to Chihaya other than what it literally means. So make sure you get to Class A and face Wataya Arata (Hosoya Yoshimasa) in the next Karuta Master match (or whatever it was called).

I know, right? XD

Aside from the beautiful flow of the first episode, what I personally like here is how it was told in Hanano Sumire's (Han Megumi) point of view. She's one of the new members that the Karuta-bu will definitely have and her number one reason for joining is to capture Taichi which greatly disappointed her at the end of the episode. What surprised me was how she became emotional when she read the lines of the 100poems. Looks like she'll have a reason to like Karuta as all(: In addition to that, Sumire seems to be a comic relief character although her drama-side of the story (which will probably about love) won't be gone.

In an overall look on this episode, I'm betting that Chihayafuru 2 will be a pretty good sequel. The art and animation was as great a before. I still love the voice and Han Megumi went it pretty great for Sumire. I honestly didn't expect that from someone who voices Gon from HUNTER x HUNTER 2011. The story seem to take an interesting flow which started off with a cute romance. I'm really looking forward to another 2-cour greatness from Chihayafuru.
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