3min-series: Yama no Susume + Mangirl!

3mins really isn't enough to enjoy a series -_-

The obvious problem about 3min-series is their lack of time to give their viewers the entertainment they are looking for. Right after the main characters made their exciting statement, I was actually waiting for the OP song followed by the first half of the show since the airing time of these series felt more like an intro for a 20min series~

Now let me start with Yama no Susume(:
I'm personally not the biggest fan of girls-having-the-time-of-their-lives type of series because they are just… not so interesting. The moment this series opened, it does have that Tamayura-like feel to it although not really as beautiful. BUT complaining about something like that isn't the nicest thing to do right now since we'll see the beautiful views later on.
This series definitely screams moe characters bonding together and no… I'm not excited about that. Since our main character Aoi Yukimura (Iguchi Yuka) is not good at interacting with people, this series will definitely tackle the enjoyment of having friends and such. Add to that her fear of heights which will give the story's element of over coming one's fear or such.
With 3mins in 13 episodes, I doubt that we'll have something inspirational in here. What I'm personally expecting from this series is some girls having fun and some scenery porn soon enough (next episode perhaps?). I haven't really seen much series by 8bit other IS: Infinite Stratos so I guess I'll just be holding on to some hope that the scenes will look great 'cause the animation is somehow crappy -_-

Now for the other 3min series, Mangirl! seems more like a series I can enjoy.
The OP scene of this episode was pretty fun. Similar to Bakuman., Mangirl! gives its own does of manga knowhow in a really fun way. The startup of their manga magazine is definitely fun and I was really disappointed at how short it is! \(>A<)/
Similar to Yama no Susume, Mangirl! will definitely be about girls having fun. Also seeing Yuri Yuri being one of the series done by Mangirl!'s production company, Dogakobo, I personally think that they know what they are doing (not that I've seen Yuri Yuri because I haven't).
On another note, I'm pretty excited to see how a manga magazine is brought up. This OP episode was definitely pretty interesting on that terms seeing how these four know-nothing on manga magazine has went on about it in here.
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