AMNESIA 02: who knew that you can actually tell when the rain will stop through its smell?

THAT ENDING is a real mystery which makes this series more interesting in my opinion :3

This episode just gave out a few notable things which makes me really curious of what's really going on in here. The ending was a real question, the heroine's memories are pretty interesting (but something's definitely up with them), Orion has gone missing and the character of Ukyou is somehow making me feel uneasy.

First off let me start with the memories the heroine sees. Last episode, we saw her quick memory of Ikki and it doesn't feel unusual. This time around, the heroine's memory of Shin was really suspicious. Shin killed someone? O.O Wait. The heroine's memories are suspicious. When she tried to talk to Kent about the memory she saw with him, he doesn't seem to remember something like it. SO does that mean not all of the memories she see are true? Hmmm…

The heroine's interaction with Ukyou also spell suspicious. The way he said something like: do you remember me? Of course you don't. - kind of tells me that he knows something about the heroine's loss of memory. In Ukyou's other appearance, he seems to be following the heroine in her vacation. It definitely makes me wonder if he's the real cause of her amnesia.

Finally, that ending scene was a really intriguing cliffhanger. Although I saw the reversal of time coming, it was still a pretty interesting turn of events. What actually surprised me here is the disappearance of Orion. SO is this where the real game begins? Does all of those things that happened before turned out to be something like a tutorial? I wonder what happened to Orion. Will he come back? But how? I'm really betting that Ukyou has something to do with all of these.
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