Bokura ga Ita: re-first impression

It has already been more than two years since I finished this series and after stumbling upon the live action, I wanted to re-watch the anime before actually watching the live action.

As far s I can remember, Bokura ga Ita is quite a heavy drama series although I honestly can't remember if I cried or what. The characters' emotions were done well and I think that they seem natural. The flow of the story is pretty nice and the ending left a mark to me. If there's anything I can remember clearly from this series, it has to be the final episode.

Now let me go to my impression after re-watching it for the first time(:

Bokura ga Ita opened up with the typical shoujo style of introduction with the heroine of the series introducing herself in a new school and such. She gets a relationship with her prince (president-vice president relationship. LOL). Her feelings started to grow and until things started going complicated. By complicated, Takahashi Nanami (Sasaki Nozomi) gets to know Yano Motoharu's (Yazaki Hiroshi) past.

The first episode went by pretty fast but pretty nice as well. I think that the main goal of the first episode was to not only to establish Nana's feelings for Yano but also let Nana know Yano's past.

The first half was pretty laid back while the second half became the slow revelation of the relationship between Yano and Yamamoto Yuri (Nakayama Erina). Of course there are a lot more things left unsaid which will later be tackled in the series and bring out the drama.

I think that Bokura ga Ita can somehow be compared to Sukitte Ii na yo. because of how the story is done together with the characters' interactions. Both series kind of gives off a natural tone in terms of the character's emotions and how they were shown although Bokura ga Ita has done it better. A lot better, in my opinion.

The characters are not entirely different from other shoujo series. Although Nana is not entirely the type who can't make friends, she's a pretty simple heroine with nothing entirely standing out from her. Yano, as the series' main male character, he had the typical charismatic guy character whom every girl likes and every guy wants to befriend. He's popular and pretty good at school. Then there's Takeuchi Masafumi (Kawakubo Takuji) who's Yano's best friend and Yamamoto who's from the same middle school as Yano and Takeuchi and is the sister of Yano's late girlfriend.

The music is very beautiful and fitting for the scenes. Voice acting is pretty nice too. I was surprised to see Yano's and Takeuchi's voice actors since they're more of a TV actor than a voice actor. Both OP and ED are pleasant to hear although they're not really the type of song or OP/ED I'll keep on listening to every time I watch the series.

The art is very pleasant. It had that Kimi ni Todoke or Kimi to Boku. feel to it although Bokura ga Ita kind of have more texture to their art. Character designs are okay but there times that the looks of the characters partially change like they are drawn by different people which is kind of weird. BUT still, I personally like their designs since they kind of stand out in their own way.

The main reason why I decided to re-watch this was really just because of the live action. If I'm correct, I think that the part 1 of the live action will mostly be covering the first half which was adapted into anime. The part 2 will be what happens after that which is something I'm looking forward to even more. As of now, I have plans to read the manga (I've read somewhere that it's really good) probably sometime after I watch the live action or before watching part 2(:

To wrap up this post, I wasn't really expecting myself to enjoy re-watching this series. I never decided to do so because at the back of my mind I was thinking that I might get bored and stop half way the first episode BUT good thing I didn't. Bokura ga Ita is definitely a great series. Probably I can even say that it's my fave romance series next to Kimi ni Todoke. It's definitely a must to watch for all romance series fans out there :3
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