What's the better way of watching anime? -- watching weekly or all in one go?

Almost 3years ago I learned that anime is aired on a weekly basis and a few months later, I found out that each season, new anime are aired and whatever else out there.

Once I got hooked at watching anime on a weekly basis, I tried my best to avoid watching more than 10 series at once. But due to me interest in trying out as much series as I can, by Winter 2011, I was already going over 10 series. Now let me go over with my two choices in watching anime(:

~watching on a weekly basis.
I personally enjoy watching on a weekly basis because the excitement of waiting for the next episode was simply fun. While waiting for them to come out, I talk to other people on and off line about my thoughts on them and what I think will happen and such.

My problem with watching weekly is probably the burden of watching too many series - don't blame me for that, there are just too much series I wanted to try -_- I think that focusing on too much series lessens my interest or understanding of some series out there. In particular, series with slow development or series that needs extra thinking easily bores the hell out of me.
Moreover, there would be times that I forget important details because of the number of series I watch. This could be one of the reasons why my interest lessens. After watching an episode of X series, I'll move to the next episode of Y series. Doing this, my mind shifts from one series after another and in some cases, they have an entirely different genre. I usually try my best to remember where the last episode left off and most of the time, I only remember the shortest summary of it - in some cases I even forget character names (so sometimes I call characters through their voice actors or through their relation with another character I remember. LOL. Then look them up at MAL when I feel like it XD)

I guess the only problem in watching multiple series is my stupid ability to remember things -_-

~watching a series in one go.
What I like in watching a series in one go is how much almost everything sticks into my mind and how fast I'll get the answer from all those cliffhangers at the end of each episodes.

I don't see anything wrong with watching a series in one go. What I only dislike about it is that everyone has already seen it and talking about my thoughts per episode will be a little bit pointless. But looking at it on another side, it'll give me a better understanding of the series most especially if it's a series that requires a little bit of thinking.
Last week I finally caught up on PSYCHO-PASS, Zetsuen no Tempest and Little Busters!. For the first two series, as I watched them from episode 6 or so until the current episodes in one go, I just noticed how much I must have missed back then for placing it on-hold. The reason why I placed them on-hold for awhile is that I was getting bored with the slow pacing and I was probably watching without thinking -_- Anyway, I was able to appreciate both series more when I marathon them last week.

As of now, I'm thinking that I'll do my best next season to lessen my weekly series. Maybe I'll leave it to less than 10 then watch the rest of the series I wanted to once the season ends(:
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