Another - Episode 2: Blue Print

AND for some reasons, he wasn't scared even if he had an idea.

The second episode didn't disappoint as well.
The opening part of this episode somehow puzzled me. Misaki and Sakakibara didn't really exchanged much words but Misaki did said something like it's about to begin. I have no idea what it could be but it has got to have something to do about Misaki's past or death and Sakakibara reliving something that happened in the past. Probably.

why is she always making that face?
AND so his classmates did it again. When Teshigawara (Maeno, Tomoaki) said that he's been meaning to tell Kouichi since the last episode about it and Mochizuki (Yamamoto, Kazutomi) tried stopped him, I don't know if Kouichi is getting clues. BUT another situation happened after class and I don't know if that's when he got a little suspicious. All I'm sure of is that whenever he sees Misaki, he always approach her. Also, I was able to understand why Izumi always has that grumpy face. Well, from what she said, there could still be more reason behind it or am I over thinking things?

Finally, when Kouichi followed Misaki and found the strange doll shop. It looked strange and creepy but Kouichi went in. Moreover, when he saw the doll that looks like Misaki, he mentioned her name and she just came out of nowhere. AND for some reasons, he didn't asked her about being dead or whatever. I really want to know what's going on in Kouichi's head 'cause he's always going after Misaki like it's on impulse  and he never reacts whenever his classmates goes on about not telling him "something", talking about class C being a "special class" or his classmates fidgeting over something.

now show us what's under that eye-patch.

Now this episode just makes me think more about things. First off, I really want to know what's going on in Kouichi's head. Before talking to Misaki in the doll shop, he gained knowledge that Misaki could be dead. Why didn't he asked her about that? What does Misaki mean when she said that it's about to begin? Also, who really is Tatsuji, Chibiki (Hirata, Hiroaki)? AND what's wrong with the library? In addition, what's the connection between Misaki and the doll shop? Moreover, what's wrong with Misaki's left eye? Why is there an eye-patch?

Need to watch episode 3 now!!! o(>A<)o

for more screenshots, click this.

Episode 3 Preview


  1. Ugh, I have all of the same questions regarding this episode, it's so frustrating! I can't wait until tomorrow when (hopefully) some of these questions will be answered.

    1. yeah, hopefully. though it's kind of making think why the eye-patch issue was brought up early.

  2. The Main Characters: Sakakibara & Mei Misaki shouLd soLve the mystery by knowing who is the EXTRA Person for their year,. To soLve WHO is the "ANOTHER" to Stop this Curse , ,
    ~Gale Kanade Mikuru in


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