the Sketchbook - 3rd Single: Message

Okay, I'm running late on SKET Dance but I was sure glad that I checked out the Sketchbook's website on some random note.

The Sketchbook Project was launched in connection to the anime Sket Dance due to its popularity because of the episode with the Kaimei Rock festival where the three main characters (Bossun, Himeko and Switch) formed a band, which was eventually called the Sketchbook. After an audition to gather similar members the real-life version of the band consists of three members in total: Tada Hiroshi (多田宏) on bass and vocals, Kohara Riko (小原莉子) on guitar and Watabane Yuu (渡邊悠) on drums. Their debut single was Michi (), released on September 28, 2011. -

Finally after their first two debut singles, Michi () and Clover (クローバー), their third single which is also the 4th OP of SKET Dance, Message, will be release on February 1. This single will include Hero which is also the ED the arc about Onihime (ep37) which also marked the end of SKET Dance's 3rd season of airing.

  1. Message
  2. Hero
  3. Message (Instrumental)
  4. Hero (Instrumental)

The Sketchbook Official Website: click here.
The Sketchbook on click here.
Message on cdjapan: Regular Edition | CD + DVD
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