Random Fan Art - Makise, Kurisu

If you still don't know who Makise, Kurisu is then you must have been really outdated this past year 'cause she has got to be one of the most interesting tsundere characters I've came across.

If you really don't know Kurisu, it’s time for you to watch Steins;Gate which has become one of the most outstanding anime this past 2011. It’s a great anime most especially for those who would like to do a little thinking while watching. It's also recommended for those who likes thriller anime(:

Anyway, this is obviously a chibi Kurisu and I based it from a nendroid. It's a little failure if you compare them but I personally don’t want to look at it that way 'cause even though there obviously are differences, I don't think it's that bad as it looks. Personally speaking, I like how her eyes turned out as well as  her expressionless face. It's my favorite part of the drawing. The overall look doesn't really standout that much because there isn't any movement in her pose but I guess it's fine as it is.

My next project regarding this is to color this either using Paint Tool Sai or vector it using my Photoshop CS3 but I'm still in the learning process on both so it'll certainly take some (I mean a lot of) time.

*May also be viewed in my dA account: click here.
*Watermark is '-blacksheep' and 'randomly--random'. -blacksheep is obviously my name in this blog as well as on my MAL account while randomly--random is my deviantArt && MiniTokyo accounts :D

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