Kuroki Meisa - New Album: UNLOCKED

It wasn't until I listened to her in Ao no Exorcist that I learned about Kuroki Meisa (黒木メイサ)  and I have to admit that her voice really is good.

After releasing her single "Woman's Worth / Breeze Out" last December 7, 2011, a second album is
already announced that will be released on February 15. I'm rather excited to hear her 2nd album since I have never really heard any of her songs other than Wired Life which was the ED2 of Ao no Exorcist. Judging the songs by the title, they certainly can't meet my love for miwa's songs but I can't really make conclusions right away. February sure is a long way so I'm hoping that I won't be disappointed in any way(:

  1. Hit the Road
  2. Shake it Off!
  3. Wired Life
  4. One More Drama
  5. Take me Away
  6. Flashlight
  7. Woman’s Worth
  9. Happy to be ME
  10. Parade
  11. S.O.S-Watashi Sagasanaide Kudasai
  12. UPGRADE U!
  13. Aimaide Zeitakuna Yokubou

Kuroki Meisa's official website: click here.
Kuroki Meisa on last.fm: click here.
UNLOCKED on cdjapan: Regular Edition | w/ DVD, Limited Edition - Type A | Type B
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