Another - Episode 1: Rough Sketch

My most anticipated show this season. It was worth the wait and I wasn't disappointed even one bit.

 Another doesn't seem to disappoint when you see the genre mystery and horror under it. The opening of the first episode definitely gives off the creepy feeling and this is definitely one thing why I decided to pick this series up.

First off all, it's undeniably obvious that the art is really amazing. From the two P.A. Works anime that I have finished, Another definitely went in par when it comes to the great background art and music. They all blend well with each other and make the series good to watch because of the atmosphere they create.

The first episode opened up with the story about Mei Misaki (Takamori, Natsumi) 26 years ago prior to the actual date of the series (1998). The story was told in the simplest manner, as if two people are simply gossiping about her death. Through this simple opening, questions already rises. I have a couple of them and I surely want to follow this series and find out the answers to the mystery behind Misaki's death.

Next thing we know, Kouichi Sakakibara (Abe, Atsushi) is already being introduced but first off in the hospital because of lung problems. The thing that made me think in here is the hesitation his class representatives are showing him as well as their strange interview about how long has he lived or stayed in Yomiyama. Moreover, I'm pretty sure that there was something up when Akazawa shook Kouichi's hand. Her expression changed. I wonder what it was.
Furthermore, the elevator setting was both creepy and strange. First off, I have no idea why Kouichi went on the elevator. He went all the way down to B2 and did nothing at all, he just watched Misaki leave. Second, the missing 4th floor was intentionally shown. I did a little research and found out that in East Asian countries, number 4 is usually skipped in buildings because it is associated with death. And finally, it seems that he didn't even felt strange that Misaki is going to the morgue section of the hospital and told him she's going to "deliver her poor other half". Things sure are strange. AND on the side note, Misaki's doll sure is creepy.

I don't really want to get going with everything but the main point in here is that Kouichi could probably be the only one who can see and talk to Misaki. Or does his classmates see her too but never talk about it? Moreover, it seems that his classmates keeps on going about saying something. Due to obvious reasons, that something is probably about Misaki. Everyone in the school probably knows her and her story. It wasn't even surprising when Sakuragi got shocked when Kouichi was asking the whereabouts of Misaki. Finally, when Kouichi saw Misaki on the rooftop and met her there, Misaki told him that he'll find out soon enough. Surely it won't probably take long for him to find out and hear the story going around. OR it could also take him some time since everyone can't seem to talk about Misaki.

So the questions that got me after watching this is first, how did Misaki died? Sure enough, I'm assuming that she was murdered, killed or whatever. But for what reasons? AND by who? Moreover, why can't her soul rest after all those years? AND finally, why does she have an eye-patch on her left eye?

I don't have plans on reading the manga or look for anything that will spoil me here. I want to find all the answers as I watch this interesting horror-mystery.

more screenshots here.

Episode 2 Preview


  1. I still don't know what's up with the classmates; they just have this overall eerie way about them. Especially Izumi who has a bunch of secrets bundled up in her head, I bet.

    1. i agree, she's pretty suspicious. she must know something about Mei that the rest of the class doesn't know.


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