Bakuman - Chapter 163: Confirmation and Consent


The question is: Is Reversi getting an anime or what?

 Anime offer...
Last chapter's hype was heck of a cliffhanger and I have to admit that my prediction was wrong. I thought for sure that it's going to be Niizuma's  ZombieGun but I was stand corrected. In fact, it took a couple of pages as they talk about Reversi and ZombieGun's reasons for having and not having an anime and it is pretty interesting.

Hattori is over thinking things.
It's kind of funny how Hattori was going insane about Reversi's anime adaptation. Though his idea is pretty reasonable but the initial reaction for an anime adaptation has got to be: YES! When, he asked Ashirogi's thoughts about the adaptation, their response was really predictable until Hattori gave them his thoughts but it was pretty funny that at the end, Hattori finally made up his mind after hearing Mashiro's personal dream.

Niizuma won't lose!
Just when we all thought that Niizuma will be happy for Ashirogi's success for an anime adaptation, this time it's not going to be like that. Niizuma sure have gotten more mature than before and has set his goal and made sure to never lose to Ashirogi. At first, he was decided not to have an anime this early but after hearing Ashirogi getting the adaptation, he instantly submitted his names for the anime.

Niizuma sure is interesting.

Looks like another battle is about to begin and I'm guessing Niizuma's going to win this one 'cause I surely don't want to see Ashirogi get that adapation since it'll mean the end of Bakuman that I like so much.
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