Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - Episode 1

After the all-boys slice of life Kimi to Boku last season, this season offers another boys-centered slice of life anime which is Danshi Koiukousei no Nichijou :D

 First off, I can't stop myself from comparing Kimi to Boku and Danshi Koiukousei no Nichijou even though they seem entirely different other than they are both all-boys centered slice of life. Personally, I find Kimi to Boku more enjoyable though I'm pretty sure that a number of people will be against this. Sure DKnN was funny and I did laugh at every segment but something sure is missing for me. Unlike in KtB, the jokes get stuck in my head while in DKnN, they don't entirely get stuck on me. Moreover, KtB also offered drama and romance while DKnN would probably only showcase pure comedy about the typical everyday life and hopefully, it'll be funny as is.

Getting over with my impression on this anime and episode, like I mentioned, the per-segment episode of DKnN sure was funny. The opening segment really did caught me. I was first like, "aaahhhh… running with bread on your mouth. IT IS a slice of life" until the gundams appear! I was like, "is that a zaku? Or whatever it is they call that? But I'm pretty sure it's from Gundam. o(O.O)o" Well that was a pretty interesting way to start the show. I wouldn't go part-by-part of the episode but with this first episode, I'm pretty sure that I'm definitely watching this and look forward to every week. It partially reminds me of Shinryaku! Ika Musume because of the idea of being having many different unrelated stories per-episode.

Other than the many hilarious parts of DKnN, what also caught my attention is suddenly hearing Sugita, Tomokazu in the show. I was like, "this Tabata guy sounds awfully familiar. He sounds like Sakata, Gintoki from Gintama. LOL." The cast is definitely amazing. For some reasons, I always get caught with anime having a good set of casts. Particularly casts that involves seiyuus I like listening to. Other than Sugita, Suzumura, Kenichi is also one of the main characters and I personally note him for voicing Okita, Sougo from Gintama as well. AND finally, my recently listened to seiyuu is also in this show, KtB's Tachibana, Chizuru's voice, Irino, Miyu is playing Tadakuni here.

Character-wise, I find the three main characters equally funny. First off, Tadakuni seems to be the one playing the straight-guy act. Straight-guys are funny because they point out stupidities but moreover, Tadakuni actually gets played by the stupidities like when he asked about how to get a girlfriend and when three of them were suppose to wear Tadakuni's imouto's skirt, he was the only one who wore it. Next up, Tabata seems to be the one with the most stupid ideas like the one acting about talking to a girl after class as well as his stupid exchange of lines with the Literature Girl (Hikasa, Youko). Finally, there's Tanaka whom, on my opinion, is the one who usually follows Tabata's stupid ideas. AND the three of them form a pretty good trio-comedy-act.

Overall, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou seems to be in par with Lucky Star on this one. Just talking about the practical funny sides (and doing them as well) of the typical everyday life. Similar to Kimi to Boku, it's pretty good to watch given the idea that this is a pure comedy anime and has gotten away with the typical all-girls slice of life and is now focusing on boys' activities.
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