Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered - Episode 1: False Peace

The news about Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered was pretty good for a Gundam SEED fan like me but while watching it, I hate to admit it myself but it was pretty disappointing.

First off, for those who have never watched Gundam SEED before and for those who doesn't even know Gundam SEED on the first place, here's a synopsis:
"C.E. 71: In the midst of war between the Naturals (OMNI) and Coordinators (ZAFT), a unit from ZAFT is dispatched to hijack the Earth Alliance's newly developed mobile suits on the neutral colony of Heliopolis. Orb Civilian Coordinator Kira Yamato attends the technical college on Heliopolis. After ZAFT hijacks 4 of the 5 mobile suits, Kira stumbles upon the last one, Strike, forced to pilot it to save his and his friend's lives. During this confusion, Kira also reunites with his childhood Coordinator friend, Athrun Zala, who ironically turns out to be a ZAFT soldier and one of the hijackers at Heliopolis. Having control of Strike, Kira joins the Earth Alliance boarding the ship known as Archangel, to protect his friends while despairing over becoming the enemy of his childhood friend and people. - MAL"

Gundam SEED was the first Gundam Series I watched and I certainly enjoyed its simple plot which was mainly about the battle between the OMNI and ZAFT and the discrimination between Naturals and Coordinators. When I first watched Gundam SEED, it was on TV and was English dubbed and about one and about half year ago, I rewatched Gundam SEED in English subbed and it turned out a lot better. I enjoyed every arc, loved and hated characters and enjoyed every battle. I didn't care about repeated scenes and poor art/graphics during that time because I focus more on the story and characters.

Gundam SEED HD Remastered opened up pretty well and from what I can remember when I rewatched the first episode around a week back, it's nothing but the same. BUT what I noticed is the quality of the video itself. If that's what they call HD remastered of Gundam SEED, well I'm seriously disappointed with how much I looked forward to this and how bad the quality is. The first thing I thought about this is how the characters look like cut outs from a comic or cartoon or how the background looked like watercolor-edited AND it looks bad (on my opinion). Also, I accidentally screencap-ed a recycled scene. LOL. But then, the mobile suits, on the other hand, as well as the battle on the outer space (minus the recycled scenes) do look good and I'm not really sure if that's how they exactly look on the original but I like them.

characters look bad in close-up && bg looks watercolored

but the gundams still look good :)

On the side note of how disappointing the graphics is, I'd like to agree that the remixed version of the ED, Anna ni Issho Datta no ni by See-Saw was pretty good and sounds a little more dramatic than before.

Anyway, the first episode opened up with a brief introduction of what's currently happening, the war between OMNI and ZAFT. There're quite a few questions that still needs to be answered and lots of characters who needs more introduction but 50-episode Gundam SEED can definitely introduce them all well. As of this episode, what is certain is the relationship between Kira Yamato (Hoshi, Souichirou) who's an engineering student in Heliopolis and Athrun Zala (Ishida, Akira) who's fighting in the frontlines of ZAFT.

Anyway, with how disappointed I was with the graphics, I still want to watch this and I'd like to look forward to more and better changes in the upcoming episodes(:
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