Nisekoi - Chapter 10: Swimming

This chapter went off a little off my expectations but the ending sure was big.

Just when I was really enjoying Nisekoi a swimming chapter is introduced but what made me really get through this is the really fun character of Raku who never cease to make me laugh. 

Eavesdropping is never good.
Onodera is definitely not giving up. AND Ruri-chan sure is an amazing person. More importantly, she's got some good woman's intuition for thinking that Raku and Chitoge's relationship is suspicious. Well, I guess intuition isn't really important in seeing how fake their relationship really is. LOL.

Unexpected swimming w/ you know who.
Swimsuit shots is definitely expected for a shounen manga anytime in the series. I'm prepared to see more of this(: But then, what I like in this part is Onodera and Raku. I really like their pairing because they really look like the innocent couple which is always so cute to see! Onodera always looking so shy around Raku and Raku always looking so nervous around Onodera :D

Ruri-chan is the coolest character in Nisekoi.

Ahh, she has good eyes and good intuition. Better yet, she's always so straightforward and straightly asked Raku for a group study, asked Raku and Chitoge about what they were doing in the warehouse during the group study and asked Raku to teach Onodera to swim. AND finally, we all know that she's a really nice friend for clearing things up for Onodera in a not-so-obvious kind of way.  BETTER YET, she kicked Maiko into the pool :))

Swimming lessons.

Raku is teaching Onodera. What more would I ask for? :3

The EPIC cliffhanger! O.O
Okay, the ending really freaked me out. This manga really have things going really fast it's amazing but it gives me a lot of thought as well that soon enough things might end up getting boring since all of the exciting things was already published at the beginning. Oh well, guess I don't have to think about it too much. I'll just enjoy each chapter :D

Will Raku be able to open the locket? I'm betting he'll be interrupted or whatever. XD

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