Arcana Famiglia - 06 + 07

I don't know how many segues this anime will go through but I don't want to complain anymore since people (including me) are probably complaining about the same thing. I'd refrain from that and go through what else is up with the episode. Although we all know that it's the same thing over and over. LOL.

Episode 6
As I predicted and I fear that it could be the most possible thing as of now, the Arcana Duello (that we're all looking forward to) would possibly be at the last 4 or 5 episodes. Of course with this episode, I'm pretty sure that the producers haven't really forgotten about our main plot in here. As we've seen in here, we finally get a glimpse of both Nova's and Libertà's abilities and it's just what I've been expecting as shown in the previous episodes. Although from what we were shown in here, I'm pretty sure that there's more to their abilities.

Now let me go through their abilities. Nova having the power of the Death Arcana, he has the ability to put everyone to sleep. It's a pretty small thing although what he has done to his parents is somewhat tragic. I have no idea if he can do it right now since he did said that he lose control when he did that to his parents. His sudden declaration of using his ability was pretty bold abut probably a good move as well. His weakness of still not having the right strength for his power could be a major thing when the Duello comes…

As for Libertà's power of the Fool Arcana, I did mention in my first impression post that Libertà's card is described as: the card of infinite possibilities. If I could remember correctly (and correct me if I'm wrong since I must have seen or heard this on another show), Libertà has the power of words. With this, I believe that what he states could be possible if he's able to control his powers. I'd say that it's a pretty outstanding ability and it could probably overpower Nova's. Anyway, I'm actually curious as to how he was able to use his power when Mondo actually sealed his powers (or was it Dante?).

Episode 7
Arcana Famiglia seems to always try its best to develop the characters and their relationship to each other but seems to miserably fail. I know that I've been going about the development of characters for the past few posts wherein the episodes actually tried to focus on the back stories of Nova and Libertà.

This time around, Arcana Famiglia tries to show the differences and similarities between Nova and Libertà. Both being the main leads of the show, we're all pretty sure that we've yet to see their true potential and probably that'll be shown an episode or so before the Arcana Duello. Honestly speaking, with their attempt to show more of the relationship between Nova and Libertà, this episode turned out more boring that I expected. In my initial impression of this episode, I thought that we'll see more of Luca and Felicità and probably some of Pace and Debito which are my fave characters (except for Felicità).

Anyway, without the Duello in sight for now, we'll probably see another episode with an attempt for some character development. I'm pretty sure most viewers out there won't be pleased but it can't be helped… I'm just going to cross my fingers that it won't be boring and that I'll see more of Luca, Pace and Debito :3
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