Arcana Famiglia - 08

Jolly will always look suspicious. He's making himself play the bad guy of this series… and is he really the bad guy here?

After those episodes about Nova, Libertà and a little bit of Felicità, we're finally going through Pace, Luca and Debito - my three fave guys in the show :3 I guess I'm not entirely surprised when Pace said that the three of them were raised together by his mother since we've all seen in episode3 (I think) that they used to play in the church when they were kids. What actually surprised me was Jolly's revelation regarding their arcana powers. Their rage on him is pretty much understandable and if I was on their place, I'll probably get pissed off as well.

Anyway, the development on their character in this episode had been pretty brief since J.C. Staff is squishing everyone's story or development all at once unlike what they did on Nova and Libertà. Although the case on Nova and Libertà is probably understandable since I've always believe that the two of them are the main lead in this series. Now I'm not really looking for deeper development on the three of them since from what I noticed on the preview, we'll probably be going to the Duello next episode (or probably at least take a look at the Duello's purpose) since we're only 4 episodes away from the ending.

Finally, I'd like to go through Jolly's character. Since the episode about Nova, he has been pretty suspicious but that doesn't entirely mean that I consider him as the bad guy of the series or anything (but probably he is). With whatever Jolly is doing right now does seem pretty suspicious and what he has done to Pace, Luca and Debito probably adds an impact on how his character is viewed. Probably the three of them have different experiences on Jolly and it makes me curious as to what really happened. In Debito's case, probably it's pretty obvious at how Jolly played with him. He did said that he placed an Amethyst (or whatever that is) in Debito's right eye to make him a contract to the arcana (or something like that). As for Pace and Luca, I'm not entirely sure yet. All Luca had been going is how much he respect Jolly as an Alchemist but he never really mentioned anything about what Jolly had done to him or how he got his powers through Jolly - the same goes for Pace.

On a final note, I still have no idea what Elmo's relation to the story is other than him being a child created by Jolly. Although it seems that Jolly is very fond of him and Felicità did said that she actually saw a different side of Jolly when he was with Elmo which makes him a nice guy? Hmmm… Interesting… We'll probably see more of Jolly (and probably Elmo) in the following episodes.

Wrapping this pretty senseless post, Arcana Famiglia had gone to a pretty uninteresting route but they're probably doing their best to make the viewers interested through this entirely different story that we all probably didn't expect since we've all been looking forward to the Duello ever since episode2! LOL. Anyway, the preview suggests that we'll go back to the Arcana Duello route and I hope that that is the case. But seeing where the story is right now, I'm positive that we'll see a continuation of this Jolly-related issue...
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