Arcana Famiglia - 09

I personally think that this turned out as a pretty decent episode of Arcana Famiglia. By that, I mean that I don't really have complains on this one…

I'm still betting that all of those things that happened in the earlier episodes weren't entirely for nothing. Sure people went on complaining about how Arcana Famiglia was such a disappointment (and yeah, I was one of those people). Although this episode hasn’t entirely wrap all of our thoughts up, we've seen some pretty good development on the story itself - as much as I would like to think.

First off, let me go through with Jolly. As I had said on my last post, I didn't really want to look at Jolly as the bad guy of this series. This episode had practically told us that he isn't. Jolly's talent as an alchemist isn't really some funny game of his. Personally, what he's doing - placing contracts on Pace, Luca, Debito and even Elmo - is something pretty extreme. Although I have no idea what his real intentions are yet since he really does look like someone who's always hiding something, I'm currently looking at him positively. What he did to Pace, Luca and Debito probably just need some good talk. BUT the idea that out of the many kids that Jolly probably experimented on and only the three of them probably being kept alive and okay, I guess they wouldn't let him off the hook easily.

Now for those people complaining about the lack of talk on the Duello, I'd like to gladly say that I am soo right. LOL. I knew that they will bring this up again once we're on the last 4 or 3 episodes :3 Anyway, that's not the point. I'm pretty glad that the Duello had a pretty good reason behind it and with what we've seen in this episode, I'm really hoping that it won't be stop. I'm going to make Felicità stop whatever she's planning because I don't want some drama-because-of-selfishness in here. The idea that she wasn't informed what will happen to her if she continues doesn't really matter, she'll probably try to use her Wheel of Fortune Arcana and don't care what happens to her because that's what I see from her character.

Despite saying that I find this episode pretty decent, there has got to be one thing that caught my attention (or probably I'm just here hating Felicità). Actually I find the idea that she easily grasped her power easily pretty weird and off. I mean first Sumire was like: you're not emotionally strong enough to control your Lovers Arcana (or something along those lines) and next thing we know she's reading Nova's and Libertà's thoughts without a problem. LOL.

ANYWAY, looking at Arcana Famiglia as of this episode, I'm not betting for this one to get anywhere near my top list as what we've seen through out half of its run. I'm personally not counting on the ending most especially from what I've seen in this episode… Of course I'm not entirely saying that I hate this 'cause if I do, I would have placed this on-hold a long time ago. At the very least, it's better than Hiiro no Kakera.
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